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Male. Married with two daughters and four grandchildren. British born with Irish heritage. I trained for six years as a printer and used this original training to move into other spheres of communication and information. I love to write stories, poetry and articles. I have worked for many years as a professional gardener. I have studied and qualified as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. My aim is to help to seek solutions to the challenges faced by communities when basic Human Rights conflict with tradition and way of life. I have a strong

Posts by Roger Macdivitt:

Human rights – The Modern challenge

When it comes to human rights we need to start asking some serious questions in regards to what people especially the native american people want for themselves in today’s world.


Human Rights: Can we learn to be realistic? (or) It might be right but it aint gonna happen

When it comes to human rights, we need to give people an identity which is acceptable to everyone, but will that ever happen? Can we find a compromise?