Working Blind Online!

How I came to be working blind online!

I am the owner and director of a company in the United Kingdom and my story of becoming the owner of a Ltd company was not an easy acquirement especially since I began this journey at the age of 59, as you can imagine at that time in my life I was looking towards retirement and an easy life because I have worked hard all of my life and I never dreamed of being in a situation where I would be starting all over again, and so this is a story that may help many who face the same adversity that I faced at this time in my life .

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Ok so let us begin at the start of all of this, as I said I was looking towards retirement while working a little online and quite a bit more off-line until one busy day I got home after a long day on the road doing deliveries around the United Kingdom, I arrived home at around 2200nrs, I got something to eat and then showered and went to bed to get some well earned sleep.

The following morning I woke to my alarm clock going off  at 5 am and reached out to switch on my bedside lamp and it did not work?, I got up and went to my main bedroom light switch and that did not work, I then shouted for my youngest son in the next bedroom and asked him to check out the electrical trips because the lights did not come on, but to my horror he told me the lights were already on!!!, this is when I realised I was blind.

To cut a very long story short my son called for an ambulance to get me to hospital where they told me that blood vessels in the back of my eyes had burst and damaged both of my retinae , this is what had rendered me totally blind and there I began many weeks and months of operations, injections and visits to many consultants, I even went to more fields hospital in London which is rumoured to be the best eye hospital in the world but all to no avail  the end result is I will never see again.

Working Blind online means adjustments!

Ok so now what should I do?, do I sit back and let others take care of me, just imagine no more tv, no more car, no papers, my entire independence was gone!!!, so after some time feeling sorry for myself I decided I had to do something and began looking for ways to research the situation and find out if there was any way I can begin clawing back some of my lost independence and gradually I began finding software that would talk to me on my phone and my computer and I went back to school in Sheffield to learn how to type all over again but this time as a blind person.

I was helped immensely by one of the blind associations who got me to take back control of my life because I was a veteran of the armed forces and this qualified me for help from them and I will be glad to pass this information to anyone who needs it just get in touch with me anytime.

There is a lot more to this story obviously from this point to where I became managing director of my own company and I will add more for you if anyone wants to know how I got where I am today, all I need is sufficient positive feedback on this blog and I will continue to write more  about this whole situation.

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