Living With Art

My thoughts on living with art

Art has no sets of rules.

It is a free rolling idea that will entice viewers, readers or even a kid can tell how art affects his/her feelings, motives, moods and everything.


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Living with art means that Art can’t be governed by a formula

Art has its own field of its own. It can carry many things in our life. Looking at the sunset can change our atmosphere, character, attitude, temperament and whatever it is affecting us. Art can lead on to something much better than we have, our own life. Our eyes, as we look in the mirror, it has different colors, but have we asked how the eyes came into being? It has its own grand design, it can’t be there without someone or somebody molded it the way it looks like!Of course, it’s so obvious according to our ancient records says who Created everything. I’m just making a point, not to the extent of putting religious implications.

Well, art, as you design it, is a continuous journey to many forms of its craft, it can be painted (the obvious one), digital design, sculpture, anything that we see, hear, feel, hear is art. Can’t think of anything in this lonely planet that art isn’t in our day to day routine. Art is grandiose in its entirety. We live and actually we are abundant with never ending art as far as the eyes and our imagination can see and create!

How lovely it is to see things with our eyes, but how imaginatively painful for the eyes that can’t see, but his/her imaginations speaks through and can convey a set of his/her own emotions when in fact there’s no color, life, mood and everything that he/she magically imagined!


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