Simple Ways To Increase Your Online Income Beside Adsense Unconcealed!


AdSense ads  are a great way to earn money online, however, there are many other options available to earn online. Adsense is a great starting point. Once you master google ads and begin to bring in revenue, there are many other options available to monetize your site.

Google takes upwards of around 50% of the profits from ads. Which means if you made $800 dollars in one month from Adsense, Google made around $800 as well. By cutting out the middleman, you can earn the entire $1600.

Double Your Income Using This One Technique – Going Direct with the Advertiser

You have the ability to go directly to the business that is advertising on your site. Start by compiling a list of your advertisers in your niche. Take a peek at your site through different browsers and IP addresses. View your site from several different browsers, using free online proxies to change your IP. This will give you a variety of different ads. It’ll also show you ads that might only display in certain geographic locations.

These ways to increase your online income besides Adsense are not always easy. Sometimes Google displays ads that are relevant to a persons’ viewing behaviour however. Meaning if you have a site about Dog Catching and a person has come to your site after searching for Casino’s all day, then most likely they will see ads about casino’s on your site.

Put all these advertisers in a big list.

==> How to approach a potential advertiser on your site?

Start by learning the various offers you can deliver to them.

The easiest and most common is to check if they have an affiliate program. If so, just sign up for their program and promote it on your site.

It is quite  possible that the ad you see on your site was already being promoted by an affiliate. That means that not only was Google collecting 30% to 50%, but so was the affiliate. You will definitely make a significantly more amount of money as an affiliate marketer.

A second way would be to sell them leads. Collect emails, names, and phone numbers with an opt-in form that might give away a free product or resource and you can really rake in a lot of money. Especially if you are receiving a lot of traffic. People love free stuff, so if you set-up some type of exclusive free resource tailored to your niche then people will be more than willing to give up a name and email in order to acquire it. As long as you disclose everything, this is perfectly legal.

A third option to increase your income online besides Adsense would be to allow the company to advertise on your site cheaper than what they are paying Google, or another site or blog.

==> Making Contact

If you’re going through an affiliate program, you’ll never actually have to pick up a phone. Just click the sign-up button. If you’re planning on selling leads or ads, you’ll probably want to actually make a phone call to make your pitch. The pitch is very simple: “You’ve been spending money on my site already, it seems to be working for you, and I’d like to give you a cheaper rate.” If you both split the savings from not going through Google, you’ll both save/earn between 15% and 25% more.

These are very simple ways to increase your online income besides AdSense by taking your existing advertisers and going direct rather than using an ad network.

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