Apps are a great advertising tool!

Did you know that apps are a great advertising tool?

lots of mobile apps

Nothing beats having a downloadable app for a website or blog. The reality was, that this is needed to secure on-going traffic, sign ups and even money. Of course, it is easier if these are already mobile-friendly, meaning that a site or blog is viewable almost  as clearly as it can be seen on a PC or tablet.

 Here were the Android top five free trending apps for The Google PlayStore.

1  Social media (one thing my brother has taught me is to  never pay for anything if it’s downloaded for free).

Even though Facebook purchased WhatsApp a while back, the cost to use the chat service still remained at .99 a year. At least the social media giant was in fourth place behind SnapChat.

a Messenger (Facebook)

Slither io 



T-Mobile Tuesdays

  1. The nicest thing about the top five grossing apps had a few games recognized through on phone ads and tried by me on my smart phone. With only 2GB of space on my phone, these had to be played on my computer. It was easy to become addicted to ad disgusted with some of them, especially Candy Crush Saga. The music was annoying.

Game of War

b Mobile Strike

c Clash of Clans

d Candy Crush Saga

    e Clash Royale

As mentioned before, it was always fun to create a free mobile app of one;s own. One of my Facebook pages had a mobile app through Como. Normally, this was free for the first 50 downloads, then one had to pay for it. AppsGeyser was great, but there was some trouble downloading and monetizing the app. The beauty of the whole thing was that there was a contest going on through July 31 sponsored by Amazon. Creating the app was free and could even be downloaded into the Google PlayStore and the Amazon Apps Store. The winner got $70 and a tablet. Images and names had to be free of copyright infringement. Most of the popular competition was gaming apps.

Apps  are  a great advertising tool. It was easy to see that some of the above games did well in the Google Play Store. This blogger recognized some or them through the ads online. A few were even played.

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