I love food!


Well hello there. I love food. Food is not only a source of life…it is the foundation to friendship, the energy of entertainment, and the happiness of holidays.

Here in America, Food drives business, motivates employees, and is the reason so many people go out and do stuff!

If you think about it, without Food, we all die. Technically…with the water that comes in many foods…you do not even have to drink water if you eat. But that is not a recommendation.

My nurse wife would strangle me for saying something so reckless…sorry. DRINK WATER!!! OK…there you go!

man drinking water

But anyway, back to Food. AHHH. I get all dreamy eyed when I think about it. But alas, here in lies the problem. I love it so much that it began affecting my life. I gained weight, I would sneak cheeseburgers for breakfast, eat every bit of free food that passed in front of me, and if I was full at dinner…I would pretend that I was hungry and eat like a ravenous wolf just so my nurse wife would not know that I had already been eating…all day!

So, as I gained weight, I also started having health issues. My blood pressure rose, I got sleep apnea, I was always tired, and I was at risk for a heart attack. So, I did it. I went to a weight loss program. (I will refrain from naming them as I do not want to violate any terms or conditions here) But suffice it to say, it has worked!

I lost 50 lbs in 10 weeks! I have gained control of my eating habits. I enforce moderation now. And I have learned that mustard is better than BBQ sauce when cooking on the grill!!! Oh yeah! Hit me up for a recipe that will blow your freaking mind!!!

So now, I have turned my gifts of food wielding from something that was literally killing me, into something that is healthy (but not stupid healthy), tastes amazing, and is still fun to cook and serve! Love it! It can be done. There is hope.


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Saying hello to everyone…Hi :-)

And that whole thing that says “if I can do it, so can you” ┬áis true. But it is hard.

It takes you determining in your gut (pun intended!) that you will do this and not waiver.

I have made food that tasted better than ever, and it is better for me that just about anything out there!!!

If you want encouragement or ideas, let me know! Happy to help.

Well this is N8 and you are now informed!

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