The Importance of Content Marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing to Increase Popularity of Your Website

In running an online business, content marketing is the most important thing that you have to make. What is content marketing? Content marketing is the marketing efforts done by providing useful content to others in order for them to know the business / your business. In this case, content marketing can help to increase your product sales. How do you increase the income and popularity with content marketing? Just read the following explanation and you will figure it out.

For example, you sell some health products, then you can make some contents related to health, just like creating some articles that are put on a website blog. If you can write a few articles with good SEO, then it will allow your website to be on the top list of search engine result.

So what to do?

By realizing the important role of the content in SEO, then you have to focus on good content marketing creation and publishing content. Not all contents are good for SEO. If it is made carelessly, it will not produce anything. The people do not want to read a lot of contents that do not make sense, as well as Google does not like it either.

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Therefore, you have to pay attention to the following rules:

  1. Prioritizing the Quality of Content

No one wants to read a content with a poor quality, Google would not want to put the content with low quality in the top position. (Unless there is no other content at all). So, do not create low-quality content, the more low-quality content you put on your site, so your website will also become low quality.

  1. Quantity is not too important

The quantity of website content is often almost inversely proportional to the quality. Unless you have a lot of professional writers. The more often you publish the content, the more difficult to maintain its quality. Content marketing is important, but do not just create content because you want to have a content. Make sure that the topic discussed in your content is not the same as the other website has, and make sure that your content is unique and has a higher value.

  1. Google Ranks Pages

They do not care if your website has 10000 pages or only one page. The best positioning is only for the best content marketing. The number of pages has no effect. Additionally, if you have many pages that target a particular keyword it means you will also be competing with yourself. However, generally, Google only displays one page of one website. So, it is better to make one content at the highest quality rather than making 2 or 3 different contents with the exact same topic.

  1. The Keyword Use

Content marketers often forget the keywords. In fact, keyword plays an important role in SEO. The use of keywords in the article could change a content becomes good or bad, it all depends on how you use the keywords. There are three major mistakes in the use of keywords for content marketing:

Keyword stuffing – Many content writers use too many keywords for one content. Hopefully, Google will consider it as a relevant content with keywords, but it is quite dangerous anyway.

General keyword – People are target the keywords that are too general without concerning to the intent or purpose search engines.

Without keywords – if you are about to publish an article, you must use some targeting keywords. The content targeting a specific keyword properly will get so many visitors than those who never target some keywords at all.

In summary, those are several things that you have to know in content marketing so that you can get and increase more visitors and Google ranks. If you pay attention to those rules, so you will be successful in running your online business.



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