The idea of Pets seeing Ghosts?

In horror movies, the first indication of a malevolent spirit’s presence in a spooky house often appears in the form of a dog barking at an empty corner of a room or a cat clawing at the air.

Many people have a strong belief of their pets seeing ghosts, but where and how did this belief originate? Does it have merit?



Evidence of Animal Connections with Spirits

Paranormal phenomena expert Stephen Wagner has collected a few stories dealing with pets  who see ghosts and other  supernatural tales , each of which provides evidence that animals possess extrasensory perception.

Each of the stories also provides further proof of the encounter, as the humans in these scenarios could hear or sense a presence, but not see it.

Some people believe that cats sense ghosts more readily than dogs. Additionally, some believe that cats remain behind after they pass on, perhaps inhabiting their former homes in ghostly form without their physical bodies. A psychic can help you analyze any behaviors you witness among your pets.



Crossing Science with the Supernatural

Scientific studies prove that dogs possess keener senses than their human counterparts. Their ability to smell, see, taste, and hear input their human owners can’t detect might have something to do with their sixth senses.

It is possible that heightened natural senses could contribute to an animal’s ability to detect spiritual presences. Since it’s impossible to know for sure how Fido and Fluffy perceive their world, it’s likewise difficult to predict how they might communicate with or sense the spiritual world.


Common Spirit-Sensing Signs

The stories collected over the years of animals communicating with the spirit world often feature common denominators.

For example, people frequently report that their pets seem to focus on something that does not exist.

Before you

Additionally, pets might respond with playfulness, fear, or anger when confronted with a possible spirit.

For example, dogs sometimes growl at sights or sounds their human owners can’t discern, while cats hiss or claw at the air.

You might see your dog chasing and barking at an invisible playmate or you could notice that your cat avoids a specific room in the house.


What can you do if your pets seeing ghosts

Before getting to what do for your pet if they are seeing ghosts, I thought I would share with you something that a reader shared on Quora when the question was asked  Can some animals (like cats and dogs) sense paranormal activity (like spirits)?

As Whitney Ware shared

I once worked for a gal who claimed that she had a poltergeist who sporadically followed her around.  I was a skeptic and didn’t believe her.  She was a dog groomer and owned several small dogs.  One day I went back to the kennels and saw all of her little dogs standing in a circle, all barking at something in the center.  Then they all moved as if following someone, still yapping their little heads off.  It was the weirdest thing — I have never seen anything quite like it since.   Do I know it was a ghost?  Of course not.  But that group of dogs were all responding and interacting with something which was invisible to me.

For whatever reason if your pet is acting out, here are a few things you can do

For your dog:

Let him outside in the backyard. This allows him to have his space and gets him away from the scary energy.

Take him for a walk. A breath of fresh air and a leisurely stroll through out the neighborhood might help to lift his spirits.

Cuddle with him and give him treats. Reassure your dog that everything is okay and that he is safe with you. Let him know that he can depend on you to protect him.


For your cat:

Carefully groom the cat with your hand.  If your cat won’t let you touch it, then use a feather and gently rub the feather around his/ her head.  This will give your cat something to focus on and will help your cat relax.

Talk to your cat in a low, calm voice.  Many times regardless of why the cat is afraid, they will  also be picking up on your emotions.

Let the cat climb to a higher place to allow it to feel safe and able to see what is going on.


Good versus Bad Spirits

Determining whether the presence is malevolent or benign could help you decide how to proceed. Some stories involving pets and spirits are uplifting; for example, some believe that former pets come back to visit their housemates after they pass.

However, many stories indicate that pets are afraid of the presence they detect. This could provide evidence of a malevolent spirit in the home or it could simply mean that the animal doesn’t understand what’s happening. For example, pets often bark at strangers on the street, but this doesn’t mean that the stranger possesses ill intent.

According to one recent survey, over 40% of Americans believe that their pets have a sixth sense so pets seeing ghosts is to be expected.

Has your pet had these kind of experiences?  If so, I would love for you to share you story here.




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