How To Cope In a Bad Workplace

You’ve come to the right post if you want to know how to cope in a bad workplace and seek an alternative whilst working in one. For you there could be many reasons why you detest working in a particular environment. For me there was several reasons but I had to learn how to cope in a bad workplace whilst building my business.

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Indications That You Are In a Bad Workplace

There are many signs that indicate a person is in a toxic workplace environment. Here are just several:

  • You always find yourself doing the work of a dozen people.
  • Communication amongst managers and staff is unprofessional.
  • You have constant thoughts of walking out of your job even when you don’t have another one to go to.
  • There is constant strife and bickering between colleagues, tantamount to bullying.
  • Your manager treats you poorly and is a bully.
  • You are taken for granted and required to finish off an unreasonable workload in a limited amount of time.
  • Your supervisor or boss favours your colleagues more and as a result you are continuously alienated.

How To Deal With It

For me these are prime examples of  what I had to go through. But I wasn’t a saint. Indeed I made a lot of mistakes and I can admit that sometimes my attitude at work made some of my coworkers resent the workplace. Eventually I matured and got serious. As I tried to cope in a bad workplace I maintained my composure whilst seeking an outlet outside of work. I took up mixed martial arts. I expressed my issues, at work, with like-minded coworkers and some family.

The Solution In Coping In A Bad Workplace

The worst thing you can do is to quit your job in a fit of rage when you have no other job lined up. Avoid blowing up at anyone at work, I’ve seen colleagues do this before and the only thing you’ll be doing is making things worse. You’ll never be able to change or control people’s behaviour at your workplace. Accept that everyone is an individual and it’s not mandatory to like each other however civility must be maintained. You may be trapped in a bad workplace but only you can do the work and change all that. Trust me on this. Gradually begin to plan logically. Make a formal-written complaint either to your HR, someone in a managerial position, who you can trust, or an external body with regards to bullying and alienation. Look thoroughly for another job and make your desire to leave known to close friends and family members who you can relate to. Who knows, they may find an opportunity earmarked for you. One other solution is to focus on yourself and your needs; consider looking at a niche that interests you or setting up a digital online business. Please comment or share this post.

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