Facts about Turmeric and Ways to use Turmeric

I have seen many social sites talking about turmeric, but to date I have not seen anything on the Adlandpro community blogs or on the Adlandpro community forums.

In the health food world turmeric is being talked about more and more so I thought I would share some facts about tumeric that might be of use to you.

turmeric root and powder

One of the reasons I started reading about turmeric is because since my accident I have had many health issues including problems with my liver and kidney.  My housemate who is a vegetarian and  this very cool person had suggested to me that maybe I needed to make turmeric tea and he even offered to take this with me.

Because I am one very stubborn person lol, it has taken me time to even want to try this remedy and decided that before I would even go there, I wanted to know more about this golden-yellow  spice.

What I have learned about Turmeric over the last few months has been an eye opener  and it should come to no surprise that turmeric can be used in many ways.

As I love sharing many ways to use  a product, I will give you a few facts about turmeric and as always I invite you to share your experiences of turmeric and how it works for you in the comment box below.

Facts about Turmeric

Rather than going into a lot of wording about the facts of turmeric, here is a great YouTube video I found about

The Most Exhaustive Turmeric Research Archive on the Internet: GreenMedInfo.com

As you can see the research for the health benefits using turmeric is vast and ongoing and many people are swearing up and down that it will cure everything.

While I am not a doctor and can’t attest to the facts of turmeric being the cure-all of everything including cancer, I will say keep an  open mind and work with your doctor if you choose this path to start helping yourself.

Some Interesting ways to use Turmeric


  1. Bake a cake!

Yes you read this right. You can use turmeric when making a cake and here is a simple easy recipe to follow


2. Use Turmeric in toothpaste.

Are you laughing yet?  I was  going HUH (?) when I read about this.

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo swears by her recipe for homemade toothpaste, which includes turmeric powder. Although turmeric is known for its staining prowess, it is commonly (if not counter-intuitively) used to whiten teeth

Miss USA Susie Castillo crowning

On March 24, 2003, Susie Castillo was crowned Miss USA in front of millions in a nationally televised live event from San Antonio, Texas.

Here is a recipe that I have found for whitening your teeth using  Turmeric and you can find out other benefits Of Turmeric For Oral Health on the link provided.  Please be aware that the post does have affiliate links in it and none of them are mind ( in the interest of being transparent in talking to you)

Now, a quick heads up: Your toothbrush will be stained yellow after this. Personally, I don’t mind – I’d rather have white teeth and a yellow toothbrush than vice versa. Also, turmeric tastes much better in a wellness shot than it does as toothpaste, but I do love the results.

Organic turmeric powder (where to buy organic turmeric)

1. Wet your toothbrush and then dip it in 1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder. Brush teeth as normal, but instead of rinsing when you’re done allow the turmeric to sit on your teeth for 3-5 minutes so that it can do it’s magic.

2. Spit and rinse thoroughly, then follow with a second brushing using your regular tooth powder/toothpaste. If you notice any yellow around the corners of your mouth, wash with soap and it will rinse away. Likewise, if any turmeric powder is left on your teeth or gums it will cause a slight yellow tint, but when the turmeric is fully rinsed away you should notice a brighter, whiter smile. I personally think this homemade tooth soap is the most effective at removing the turmeric so you can see the results underneath.

3. Use Turmeric to make marigold-colored play dough

home-made playdough

We all have our favorite recipes for making home-made playdough but the best part has always been about creating funky colors that would be safe for the kids ( and adults to use).

“if you are looking for natural dyes, India Tree has an excellent, but expensive dye set. I used what I had on hand. I used a chlorophyll supplement for green and raspberry tea bags for pink — both a success. But I am thinking that you could use a lot of things to dye the dough, if you like: Turmeric for yellow, green tea for green, rooibos tea for brown, etc. I’d love to hear your ideas! The important thing when using tea to dye your play dough is making a strong and dark brew.” Source: DIY gluten-free play dough

4. Deter Dandruff using Turmeric

woman scratch head

No one likes dandruff and that is a fact!  The problem is that we are now so used to using chemicals that can cause as many problems as they say it will solve.

Enter Turmeric ( and olive oil) to the rescue

I found this recipe on Turmeric – My Skin’s Saviour & Your New Best Friend and it looks pretty darn good ( Be sure to check out the other recipes that Ishika has shared.

1 teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder in 2 tablespoons of Cold Pressed, Organic Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil and apply all over the scalp. Leave on for 1 to 3 hours and then wash off with your regular shampoo.


There are many recipes where you can use turmeric as a natural way to boost your immune system and to help fight off colds and flus.

This is a recipe that I found today while browsing on different links on Facebook


Turmeric Smoothie Recipe Ingredients:

For these ingredients, try and use organic as much as possible. Also try not to substitute actual milk for hemp or coconut milk. If you need, you can try almond milk as well.

  • 1 cup hemp or coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple or mango chunks
  • 1 fresh banana
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric (can be increased to 1 tsp)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon maca (optional)

Add all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth. Try to drink this smoothie in the morning before you have anything to eat. It’s a solid way to start your day and pack your body full of antioxidants.

H/T to Conscious Alternative News for sharing this recipe and it is one I am going to be trying in the very near future!

This post has not even touched the surface of how Turmeric has become the rising star when it comes to health and wellness.  The facts on Turmeric are astounding and the ways to use this one spice is interesting to say the least.

I hope that you will take a moment and let me know your thoughts and if you find this post useful, feel free to share with your friends.


Over to you now….


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