Dancing for Fitness

When you hear someone say “Dancing” what do you think of?   Some of you may think of it as something you would like to learn to do, others may think that it would be too much work to learn, and others, who already love to dance, will start telling you how much fun they’re having.


belly dancing exercising

Well, it’s been proven that dancing is a good form of exercise for several reasons.   One of them is the obvious, you’re getting to move around which is equivalent to walking or swimming or going to the gym, but it’s also good for your brain cells, because you have to think.   Yes, you have to lead and follow so therefore you are exercising your brains also.

Now that I’ve said that… there are many ways to dance.    I love aerobics, but I’m not always in the mood to jump around, and I love to dance Swing and Waltz and such, and that’s where my true passion lies.   But I also love to Belly Dance and do so once a week, because I don’t need a partner and I can get a real serious workout without jumping around or hurting knees or joints or doing any kind of floor work.

Remember, people have been dancing for thousands and thousands of years, so there must be something to it.    Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain… and if you’re partner dancing it’s a fun activity to do together…. and it’s indoors, so you don’t have to wait for good weather.   Happy Dancing!



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Love to dance, started decades ago and continued into adulthood where I l fell in love with ballroom dancing. I now teach Ballroom, Social, Latin, Swing/Hustle Dancing and Belly Dancing.

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