Total Engagement For Singles Seeking Love

Total Engagement For Singles Seeking Love

Hello All. What am I talking about here. It’s obvious that you use the internet and may be you are single or know singles seeking to find a compatible partner for dating love or marriage.

So here is the big problem. Where to start. And here is the bigger problem. Most singles/dating businesses online are run by people who have no experience in matching single people together.

What would you expect if you wanted to have purchase new cloths. You would expect the sales person to give you full attention and have them fitted for you? You would expect a professional to take your measurements make recommendations on any fitting and adjustments; materials and style etc.

They would not give you a pile of information to go through and expect you to come up with a great design and make the garments.

Now when you go to a singles web page; they supply you the materials and a web page and expect you to do all the work and find an ideal match for yourself. The system is totally floored.

Most all online singles sites work like this. Some exceptions are well run personal introduction agencies. On their web pages they allow you to join and complete a personal questionnaire and they verify your identity and then they work for you to find good you matches.

The outcome of this is usually good results for you.

So when you go to an online dating site, make sure they do all the work for you. The other point from the list of problems with online dating site is. They are free, any person can use them, and many crazy type people do, Example; like scam artists and unscrupulous people who want to remain anonymous.

You are constantly at risk. The owners of many online singles sites are constantly involved deleting fake profiles and they don’t make very much money for their efforts.

The members on these dating sites; regardless if it is thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, soon become disillusioned and stop participating. Even many big name dating sites work like this.

Most single people meet their match where they spend most of their time, weather it be online or offline. But even if you spend all day on most singles sites you are unlikely to get good results and most likely you will get confused and disillusioned and give up.
If you are serious about finding genuine friendship online through the web. Then like any business or other activity that you want to succeed at. It is important that you should do a great deal of research before you select a single site to join.

The best way to do this is through Google. Google the name of the single web site you are looking at and add the word scam or reviews.

In most cases you will get all bad reviews.

love is a gamble

If you want to join and meet nice single people online search out a genuine personal introduction agency and be willing to pay for their services.
Always make sure they do the work for you. Don’t use and sites who do the following.

Give you contact information to people directly.

Site’s that don’t use your real names.

(Anyone can be Camel Lover or Flirty Girl) The fact is many young African boys go to internet cafe’s after school to work for internet scam artists and you may be in contact with one of them.) They then friend you and within a short time come up with a sob story where they need you to send them funds.
Sites that don’t check their members identity.

Sites that don’t have registered company address. Check out their domain name to see who it is registered too.

Seek out articles and advice from people who have sought to investigate various single sites. But be causes of their advice as many will be people like yourself who have no experience in the singles industry. Take tell from people who have run good personal matchmaking or introduction agencies as these people work with singles fact to face and have done much research.

Just remember to dress well and be aware of the people around you where ever you may be. Most people come in contact with their perfect match when they least expect too.

If you do find a good online personal introduction service, place a good recent photo on your profile and be honest about yourself and the place a good summary of type of people you would like to meet.

To have a perfect relationship; and they do exist; You need mental compatibility, emotional compatibility, physical compatibility and a vision of your intended life’s path.

People who connect in these areas often say they have found their soul’s mate.
Remember every day is a new day, so see it as an opportunity to make new friends and learn about how other people, i.e. your friends met their match. The more information you have the better placed you are to connect with the right people.

Enjoy your day. Don’t stress about being single. Happy well-adjusted people have a greater chance to find love. If a lasting relationship is what you seek; Go about it the right way and you will find it.

Once or twice in a lifetime singles will really connect with someone really compatible. The time this happens in most cases is when people take action and are committed to doing this. Most people committed to find a compatible partner; the people who join a good personal introduction agency find a good match within two years.

Feel good today, think nice thoughts, don’t give up! With persistence you can make your dreams and wishes happen!

How do you feel about being single?  Would you use a dating site and if so, what would be your criteria  to help become successful in using such a site?




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