Want to Quit?

I have a serious question to ask ~ Do you want to quit?

If you have reached the point (like me) where you want to quit drinking alcohol/Drugs there is a lot of opportunity to do just this. There are people, websites, organizations, support groups and others that can help you.

The first question is:

Post ImageAsk yourself why you want to quit drinking alcohol and doing drugs?Is it just a temporary thing because you have been drinking and using heavily recently? Or is it a long-term goal you have? What will you gain by quitting?

This question is important so that you can feel motivated and encouraged. When you think about the answers to these questions, they must make you feel emotionally moved and energized. Emotion is a key element of decision-making and taking action.

Without a strong understanding of why you want to quit, it could be hard to do this. Take a bit of time to think this through.

If you are on the edge of making a decision, start by listing and reliving some of the negative impacts that alcohol has had on you. Then, work out a plan to make the necessary changes to quit.

Also consider if you want to quit drinking forever, for a specific period (a month or six months) or for a particular goal e.g. because you are planning your wedding or doing a marathon, triathlon, etc.

Steps To Quit Drinking Alcohol and Using Drugs

Once you are secure in your decision to quit both alcohol and drugs, the next thing is to make a plan.

Take one step and go see your doctor. You must get their input; it could be physically dangerous for you to suddenly quit drinking if you have been drinking heavily for a long time. You may need to gradually reduce your drinking rather than giving up in one go. Your doctor can advise you and may be able to suggest medication to take to help you.

With your doctor’s input, the next step is to decide how to stop drinking. One of the absolute key things is the environment. This includes people, place and things. Say you have been going to the same bar after work for years and drinking heavily there.

How To Give Up Alcohol and Drugs Course

If you go back and say you are no longer drinking, there could be heavy peer pressure, not to mention sheer force of habit which could drag you in.

This means you will almost certainly need to look at a new way of doing things – new people, places and activities. Even just going home every evening may be difficult if that is where you drink heavily. You will need to look at and change your routine.

Another step that can be helpful is keeping a diary or journal to record where you drank, how much and who with. If you can reflect on what happened each day, it will help you plan in advance and avoid situations that are difficult for you.

Drinking and Drug Slips

You may find that you lapse on a particular day or days. This is a normal part of the process, so keep your eyes focused on the long term goal and keep going!

You can also use any slips as a learning experience. Why did you slip? By looking back at your day, you might find there was something specific you hadn’t considered that caused you to drink.

Think of what else you can do instead of drinking. Is there a hobby or passion you haven’t done in a while? Maybe you can spend time doing that instead of drinking.

Finally, you can factor in ‘rewards’ for cutting down or quitting successfully for a period of time. Think of things you enjoyed doing in the past and plan to do something special to celebrate your success.

 What did it take to get you to want to quit drinking?

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