5 ways to articulate our needs


Regardless of our reasons for being online, whether it be for business or social of sharing with  friends and family, it is important to understand  our behavior and  to learn the best way to articulate our needs.

For many folks, you will hear that integrity is the one word that will blend everything together and yet I feel that for integrity to have a full effect it is necessary to break  everything  down to gain a full understanding of how best to articulate those needs ….

Here are my 5 tips to articulate our needs


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We all know that trust is the foundation for any kind of relationship and includes such thoughts as confidence, belief, faith, certainty, assurance to mention just a few of the traits.

Learning how to create trust  for yourself is very important and learning how to trust others is something that can be a bit tricky especially online.

Everyone one has their criteria to understanding trust and ways to build trust  including  being empathetic, “doing what you say and saying what you will do”  You would think this so easy to do and yet I know for myself, I have seen too many business relationships and personal relationships get lost because of the losing of trust in others.

If you need a recap on ways to be more trustworthy Robert Chan came up with 101 Simple Ways to build trust.  Lets face it all relationships are personal regardless of them being personal or business.



How many of you look at mindfulness as a way of articulating your needs?

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I  would say that it is important to understand that being completely in the present , to not see things as we want to see them and not as we wish them to be is an important life skill for life whether it be your work or you “play”.

It is a given that we are overwhelmed with everyday living, with horror and everything that  seems to be out to get us to the point where we just want to go off the grid and hide from everything.

It is easy to say to others we need to understand , we need to stop judging and criticizing and while it may be high and lofty to say this, I will say it takes practice the art of mindfulness.

I know for myself, that as an example that I had to learn how to breath as one technique to learn how to relax and be in the moment.

You may want to go through Alfred James 6 mindfulness exercises to  explore the art of mindfulness.  They are simple to do and I think you will find yourself much more able to deal with the moment to moment of life


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I feel that acceptance whether we give it or want it can be a bit of a challenge as we are different in our wants and needs. Even expressing our thoughts and feelings can be difficult as others will sometimes see the typed word and read things the wrong  or maybe I should say in ways we did not mean to happen.

None the less we all want to be accepted as the best we can be, so the trick is know how to convey this in the  best way possible.

Before we can even articulate our acceptance of life or others, we need to look at ourselves first and and learn to accept ourselves.

Here are  12 ways that you can learn how to accept yourself written by  Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.  I know for myself just learning how to celebrate my strengths has  given me more power  in accepting me that I can only hope that I am passing onto others.


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Being transparent  these days seems to be a huge prerequisite  to being trusted and accepted and I am going to say this is more true now that it was even a few months ago.

I like the idea of being transparent to a degree.  I do have issues with the thinking of people who say “we are not going to trust you unless you tell us everything”   That to me is pure hogwash and is not showing respect!

That being said, yes we need to learn how to be better at being transparent in business and in our personal lives.

I believe that to create transparency in life one needs to  let it be known where we stand, keeping the flow of communication passing back and forth.  It is okay to say no to something if that is your belief and yes you can be a turd and say it in a way to create a problem or you can say it in a way that evokes trust and respect.


When it comes to business then the not so new trend is .. you must be transparent!!!!!  I liked Brian Clark’s  thoughts on  Do People Really want Transparency – and – Authenticity.   There is a lot of food for thought on that one article so  I will just say, read it and come up with a way to make transparency work for your ability to articulating your needs.

Be Open

Be open minded in life

I read a quote that said ” Don’t be afraid to be open your brain isn’t going to fall out”  I would love to know who said that  ( if you know can you let me know please) as it is right on target!

Being open to change whether it be business or in any relationship is paramount to growth.  We need to be willing to explore new experiences and even be taken out of our comfort zone from time to time.

What is life if we  don’t live it?



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