Do you use eco friendly bags?

Did you know that Eco-friendly bags are in vogue nowadays?

People have become conscious about global warming.  They are interested to protect their future generations.  They are looking for environment friendly products.  They are making their bags using materials from nature.  One of the many material being used is jute  for many reasons..

Eco-friendly bags are useful to the consumers and it cannot harm nature.  A paper bag is an eco-friendly bag.  It can be used again and again.  A jute bag is strong and can be reused again.  It does not cause harm to the nature after throwing away.  The organic fiber in jute is not harmful to the nature.  The products are designed using jute, paper, bamboo in an innovative way.

For those of you who are interested in Jute, here is a good SlideShare on the history as well as the different types of jute that can be used for a variety of products.

Various types of eco-friendly bags are available in the shops.  They can be bought online through the e-commerce websites.  There are shopping bags, travel bags, lunch bags, printed bags, utensil bags, string bags etc.  Each eco-friendly bags have their specific purpose.  They are designed by experienced artisans.

different bags made with Jute

Eco-friendly bags create earning opportunity for many poor people in villages and cities.  The bags are sold in fairs in the cities every year.  It provides financial support to the craftsmen.  The art of making eco-friendly bags is promoted by the government in handicraft fairs in the cities and villages.

Bags are essential for carrying miscellaneous items.  The eco-friendly bags are not harmful and they do not cause environmental pollution like plastic bags.  They are made from recyclable materials like jute, paper etc.  The paper and jute products are exported to foreign countries.  They generate good revenue to the artisans of eco-friendly bags.

While Bangladesh and China are showing an interest in creating Jute bags, it is India who is the largest country producing Jute bags at the present time, in part because of the modernization in creating eco-friendly bags, people being better informed about environmentally friendly choices and the fact is these styles of bags are modern and can be used in a variety of ways.

These days the more we think about our enviornment and using more environmentally friendly products such as jute bags, the more we stand a chance of helping our planet.
In your area do they sell Jute bags and if they don’t, maybe you should suggest that they look into using more environmentally friendly products such as the eco-bag made with jute.


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