Using Coconut oil|facts,uses and recipes!

Coconuts especially coconut oil has become such a popular topic that no matter where you go, you will hear people talk about using coconut oil and the many ways coconut oil can help you.

I never realized how popular coconuts were really that popular but take a listen to this 1949 hit by Freddy Martin ” Iv’e got a lovely bunch of coconuts”

Yes indeed coconuts have been one of those commodities that is just increasing in popularity.

Before sharing with you a SlideShare I have done on the uses of coconut oil, I thought it would be fun to share some quotes ( ya no kidding!) about coconuts…

If you take 12 waters from the coconut – not the ones you buy in the store, although that’s good – but the fresh coconuts, the little brown ones with the three eyes, if you take 12 of those within 24 hours, your blood will go back to the way it was when you were born.
~Dick Gregory

Water in a coconut shell is like an ocean to an ant.
~Swahili Proverb

don’t really have a beauty routine. I always use coconut oil, and I always wear mascara. That’s kind of it! I’m pretty simple.
~ Zoe Kravitz

If you knock your head against a wall, then a coconut tree and pillar and your head still remains undamaged my child, go and hide that head of yours; it is a good head.
~ (African Proverb)

Merely going to the temple and offering worship offering a coconut, expecting some reward all these are a wrong way of understanding devotion.
~ (Sathya Baba)

“The coconut trees, lithe and graceful, crowd the beach like a minuet of slender elderly virgins adopting flippant poses.”
~ William Manchester

Before I get lost in the sea of coconuts, How are you using coconut oil?  Share your thoughts, your ideas and if you have a good recipe, I sure would love to hear about it ( hint…if it has  chocolate in it, then I will be in heaven..hmm I mean everyone would be in heaven :-) )

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