Second Chances

The fact is God gives second chances and when you read the bible you will see name after name of those people who not only recieved second chances, but even three or four chances.

Some of these more noteable names you might be familair with are


and so many more.
The best thing about God giving us second chances is that we get a chance to earn his trust. Sometimes we can be foolish and fight instead of forgiving or just thinking of ourselves.

This poem is my way of talking to you and to God about second chances.


If it was not for God
Where would I be
Its clear that he has somthng very special me

Like the time when evil was all around me
And gave me visions of what was to be
They waited in the darkness
Just waiting to pounce
But he concealed their weapons and harnessed their mouth

He’s with me even when I forget
And I must say, he hasn’t failed me yet
Times when I felt unworthy and didn’t even care for living
Out on the streets doing whatever the devil told me
He spoke to me quite boldly
I love you David
Do you hear me

But I was angry
though I’ve always prayed
but things in my life never changed
Like the time i lost my father
I’ve prayed for nothing more than to bless me so that i could cater to his medical needs
To grant him a better life material
Really didn’t know much about the eternal
And when he died
I cried but not for him and wondered
why God would not let me
bless him
But i know now that my Father has a plan for everything

I’m an enemy to myself
A hazard to myself
One of my greatest prayers is
to protect me from myself
Not to close doors he opened
His voice its like a whisper when spoken
me even when i don’t see it
then through the darkness light shone through it

Every day i start anew
Like the
sun that melts the morning dew
Blessings overflowing
life IS worth knowing
Living in the now
Not wondering
Not questioning

It doesn’t make things easier
But he made me a believer
Not where I’m suppose to be but far from where I use to be
And as i look back on my life
it was clear to see
That He was there
And is still working in me
The fool says there is no God
Others asks how can one believe
And I answered
He is like the wind
you can see him move through everything
Gentle as a kiss from a new found love yet strong enough
Like a woman’s hate
through rage thereof
Destruction is its intention
Yet through it all
Within the midst of the storm
The center of it all
Is the calm

Do You know how i know that God loves me
He shows me everyday

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