Love is Medicine

Love is Medicine!   When you hear these words what kind of images or thoughts come to mind?  Out of curiosity  I did a search and found some great quotes on Brainy Quotes about love is medicine and  I found this awesome quote that I just needed to share.


love is medicine

Have you ever felt high in your spirit, filled with excitement because of a certain achievement or an exciting relationship and  then (all of a sudden) or slowly after time you start  feel  this  emptiness inside of  you?

You discover that the excitement is gone because what caused it is gone and nothing you seem to do will  stimulate those feelings again?  If you have, then you can empathize why there are those people who will resort to certain bad  habits such as drinking, drugs or hoarding ,thinking they  will derive happiness from such behaviors.  Unfortunately, they are drawn deeper in regrets,frustrations and even physical disorders.



Dr. Menninger talked about love is medicine

A prominent American psychiatrist and a member of the Menninger family of psychiatrists   (Dr. Menninger) has this to say,” Love is the Medicine for the sickness of the world. ……When people learn to give and receive Love, they recover from most of their illnesses,whether physical or emotional”.   Erich Fromm,a psychologist,  also said that loneliness and the inability to love are the underlying causes of psychic and emotional disorder. These all point to the fact that Love is a prerequisite for human existence, why, because God’s nature is Love and man (human) is created in His likeness.


The world is facing the challenge of terrorism because everyone wants to be loved but only few are willing to love. Love is a two-way game,when you give, you receive. You can’t go to the bank to withdraw money in your account when you have not deposited any.


love is medicine example

How do  we keep loving? Love (as defined in the Bible) is patient and kind.

We must stop seeking our own ways of doing things and appreciate others the way they are!  Remember, every human being is unique and as such we differ in behaviors as well.

The fact is if you insist that people  behave the way you want before you accept them you will continue to hurt your own  feelings  because all people  are unique just like you.

You are not going to be  able to get others to really change you into what they want you to be either. So when you learn to appreciate people the  way they are in all their commonalities and differences you really will save yourself the frustration of their inability of being what you want.

When  you do that,you will be happy with yourself  and the beauty  is, people will appreciate you and you will feel Loved.

If we can just  learn to live this way,we will save ourselves from unnecessary wars that  are going on  today and also stop living the  frustrated lives  some of us  are living.

Do yourself a favor


love is medicine

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