Sales Funnel – How to Turn Your Written Content into Leads

Sales Funnel Conversions…Are you satisfied with your lead generation?

Is your blog converting the way you would like?

In this post we’ll help you identify weak points in your sales funnel.

Content drives leads that’s all there is to it. If your funnel process is without weak points, and your content is strong, your blog will convert. If there are weak points your conversion will suffer.sales funnel jpeg

Let’s confirm your funnel is simply the path that visitors take on their journey to becoming first leads, starting with awareness, and ending with action, and preferably on to sales. If that’s not happening then there is a breakdown somewhere in that path… be it at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom.

Let’s also confirm your blog is your hub… that’s where it all starts and it’s where you should be sending your traffic.

Here’s some steps to making sure your funnel is strong.

sales funnel jpeg#1 Create Awareness at the Top of the Sales Funnel

The top is the traffic… how are you drawing visitors in? Your goals here are to create awareness, get attention, establish a relevent topic, and support or coincide with your branding and your niche.

If your conversion going through the tunnel is good but your traffic getting to the funnel is low here’s some things to work on.

– Search friendly blog content. Study and learn keywords, tagging, and optimization, SEO PLugin by Yoast is good to know.

– Write guest blog posts – this gets easier as you establish yourself and create allies in the industry. Guest blog writing offers these benefits to your traffic generation. The posts improve your link popularity, make your site more likely to rank higher in the search engines, and finally it will strengthen your network and your brand.

– Share your content. Create networks across as many different platforms as you can and and share everything you publish across all your networks…and after you publish some material then creat a supporting video and post it on YouTube. You can even turn it into a slide share or power point presentation.

– Publish list posts. Numbered lists get more clicks…they set expectations, they are organized and scannable,and they provide multiple items of interest. For Example: 10 Ways to Get The Most out of Your Facebook Marketing.

#2 Create Desire in the Middle of the Sales Funnel

The middle of the funnel sets the stage for desire on your visitors part. Give them compelling reasons to want more information and to look forward to continuing the journey. Educate and engage your prospects, and get them to go deeper with you by subscribing to your newsletter and connecting with you on your social media sites. If you are not getting shares or comments on your blog, your email list is not growing, and people are not returning, then you need work in this area.

– Write engaging and informative posts that help people solve problems. How-To posts work great for this and you demonstrate your expertise and brand yourself as helpful. How-To’s compel visitors to subscribe and to want more. They will follow you.

– Partner up with other professionals and experts…those who are known and trusted by your target markets. This is also one that will come more with time and as you establish sales funnel jpegyourself. This perceived endorsement strengthens your brand.

– And finally… be personable, approachable, helpful, and real in your writings and posts.

#3 Generate Action at the Bottom of the Sales Funnel

The bottom of the funnel is where all the work pays off. Converting visitors into leads and then into sales is what it’s all about. These are the fruits of your labor, and cause to celebrate when you get conversions. Build trust in you, inspire them, and communicate on a personal level… start conversations and answer questions. If your conversion into sales is low, work on this area.

– Build you – tell stories, offer solutions, and show your expertise. Let your subscribers know you are serious, you are helpful and supportive, and you are a hard worker.

– Show evidence of your services or accomplishments. Use data, facts, and numbers.

– Answer questions and be available. Let them know you are there to help and ask them what you can do. And finally just make friends. The best converter in the world is simply to give people reasons to want to work with you.



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