Kyoto Attractions, Kinkaku-ji (golden pavilion)

Kyoto Attractions:

If you are planning to visit Japan, you should not want to miss one of the best Kyoto Attractions called the Golden Pavillion or what they called Kinkaku-ji Temple. The Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku-ji) is located in northern Kyoto. The top two floors of the temple are completely covered in gold leaf. Kinkaku-ji or the “Temple of the Golden Pavilion”, officially named as Rokuon-ji. It is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.
kyoto attractions kinkakuji
The building’s first purpose was to serve the retiring Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (1358-1409) as a residence and it was converted into a Zen temple shortly after his death.
When we arrived the golden pavilion it was raining so hard. Luckily that we have one umbrella with us so, we just wait and sheltered under the tree and found the great spot to take the photo.
The garden complex is so beautiful. They have an artistic way of landscaping and a breath taking bonsai garden. When you get in, you will see through the gardens, to a point from which the Golden Pavilion can be viewed. There is a big pond that mirrors the beauty of the Golden Pavillion Temple.

How To Get To Kinkaku-ji Kyoto Attractions
Kinkaku-ji can be accessed from Kyoto Station by direct Kyoto City Bus number 101 or 205 in about 40 minutes and for about 230 yen.
Alternatively, you can also take the Karasuma Subway Line to Kitaoji Station about 15 minutes travel time time and the cost is around 260 yen and take a taxi (10 minutes, 1000-1200 yen).
If you are coming from another part of the city, you can also take the number 59 and 12 buses to the Kinkaku-ji Mae bus stop.
This temple is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Admission is ¥400.


You can take photo from the outside since you are not allowed to go inside the pavilion, but the inside of the 1st floor can be viewed from across the pond. However, you will enjoy the beauty of the garden as well as the calmness of the pond too.

kyoto attractions, kinkaku-ji

In the garden there is a coin toss rock structure, where you can try to toss a coin and make a wish. There is also a small souvenir shop inside as well as a small tea house near the exit area where you can take a break with matcha and wagashi.
The Golden Pavilion is the perfect image of kyoto attractions in Japan. It is perhaps the most widely-recognized image of Kyoto. The golden temple (kinkaku-ji) is really stunning and beautiful that you must see from your Kyoto attractions lists! You can spend about 30 minutes to one hour and see everything around the area.
Normally, this Golden Pavillion Kyoto’s attraction is extremely crowded, but when we came here it was early and the door was just opened. It is better to come early otherwise you might have to wait before you can get in, but you will have a chance to take photos of their beautiful landscaping outside.
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