Been bullied? My story on how to triumph

This is for everyone who has ever been bullied in school, on the job, or in the home.

Chapter One

  Where does the bullying start and how do you overcome it? 

First, we have all heard that all wounds will heal in time.

Wounds such as  scratches, broken bones due to an accident, or other physical wounds, with proper treatment – yes, those wounds will heal.

Emotional wounds however are invisible,most often silent, and will never heal.

By understanding where, how, and why these attacks first began, it may help you understand why you were a victim in the first place. 

By telling my story I am hoping you will understand.

When and how did I become a victim?

To answer those two questions  means taking a trip in a time capsule and while what you read may see a bit jumbled, over time you will begin to understand.

Many of you who have been bullied and those of you who are bullies yourself, will say that  the bullying and been bullied started at school.

If your nodding your head in agreement, then read on..

Surprisingly enough bullying starts long  before you go to school and in fact starts in the home which is where I  became a victim

Are you ready? Let us start on our journey

postcard form Taunton where I as a child had been bullied

I was born in a small village in East Taunton, Massachusetts in 1942.

When I was born, my father as well as three of my brothers were fighting a the war in Germany.

My  youngest sibling was my sister  and she was  three years older then I. 

My parents were both in their forties when I was born and my oldest brother was old enough to be my father. 

image of book 1942

When I was old enough to understand certain things, I was taught the values and expectations of what was expected of me in my father’s generation, not the present generation that I was living in. 

Add to that I was also raised as a Catholic  and during  my early years I was getting so many conflicting messages that it left me confused. To give you an example of the conflicting message I received was “I was taught that GOD was all loving and that everyone was created equal. 

image of class picture 1942

When I began the first grade I was told to behave, do what the teacher told me to do, make friends and DO NOT  fight because none of your brothers did.

In the home however as I  was getting ready to start school, I was given a list of other “don’ts” Starting with:

stay away from non Catholics

Stay away from black people

Stay away from the Chinese people

..and the list goes on.


The first day of school I got into a fight and got a spanking when I got home for fighting. For the rest of the week I came home scarred up, because I did not fight back.

I was also kept back in the first grade for getting in fights, even though the ones that started all the fights passed.

That was alright because I would learn a lesson. 

That first summer, I got in the way of my brother while he was practicing his golf swing and got the golf club in the mouth, knocking out some of my teeth and left the others crooked. On top of the pain that I was suffering I got a spanking for getting in the way.

Being the youngest, I was always in the way and being a nuisance when all I wanted to do was belong.

There are many more instances that I will relate as we go along, but suffice it to say that being the youngest in a family where the sibling are two generations removed leaves you in a very unfriendly world where the mantra was – learn to be your best, not for you, but for them.

I loved my parents and sought love from my siblings, but our combined worlds were too far apart to ever successfully communicate.

to be continued







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