How to write an effective blog post

How To Write An Effective Blog Post To Gain More Readers

Before you start writing your first blog, you might be asking… what is a blog for?

First, the main purpose why you should have a blog is to attract and create an audience to read your post. Second, you can use the blog to build your email list so you can build the like, know and trust and third, you can use it to sell products or join an opportunity.

Blogs are usually updated regularly to attract more readers and often written on a particular topic. Blog can be of any topic you can think of. From putting up a Christmas decor, cooking recipes, photography, painting, coaching, tattooing, dancing, art or any hobbies or passion you may have.

For instance, you can create a blog and put a sign up form on your blog. You can use the signup form for people to join your newsletter so people will receive a message every time you post a new blog or your blog posts can mention your special products, services or opportunities. This is a great opportunity to sell items to the people on your list.

how to write an effective blog post for pleasure and money

Thanks to Daniel Kuester for sharing site with me “Kuester Masterpieces” and a great way to show how you can blog about your passion and make money at the same time!

3 Tips For Writing An Effective Blog Post To Consider


Blogging Tip#1: Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is essential in writing an effective blog post. You must have a clear understanding of your audience. What do they want to know about? Remember that you are writing for them. When you don’t know who your audience is, your blog posts become useless. They end up taking up too much of your time and speaking to nobody. If you don’t have a precise reason for blogging, then your audience won’t have a reason for reading your post. When you write your blog post, make it more personal, more conversational, and more engaging for people to have appetite in reading your blog.

The more you know and understand your audience needs, the better you can prepare your blog post. Writing an effective blog post will help you grow your branding online, adding customers and increasing revenue.

Blogging Tip#2: Don’t Be Too Formal

Use simple Eng­lish that everyone can understand without a need to look for a dictionary. Just write like you are talking to someone. People would love to read especially if they can relate to. Better to use a single syllable word and not 3 to 4 syllables. Make it simple writing. I bet that this will be far more memorable than a complicated long paragraph. People does not want to harm their eyes with solid words. Have some bullet points, sub-titles and images. This will be more engaging to readers.

Blogging Tip#3: Have An Engaging Blog Title

Choose a blog title that is captivating to your target audience. This is important before you can dive in writing an effective blog post. Find the right keyword for your title. Spend time in researching the best keyword or keyword phases to use for your title for better ranking in Google. You may try to explore using this free tool – Google Keyword Planner (refer to the above video).

If you have SEO (search engine optimization) targets for your web presence, make sure you are using your blog post titles to help you reach those targets. From these few little words (blog title) that draws readers into your blog either your post get a click and being read and spread like a virus or you can be hardly noticed.


how to write an effective blog post

If you can keep your readers stay longer on your site the better chance your reader will read your post, build your email list and for you to be able to make money. There are several things you can consider to maximize the chances of your readers staying around for a longer period on your site. The longer people stay in your site the greater your opportunity to convince them to take a desired call to action either to sign up to your sign in form, buy your product or join your opportunity.

Here’s some tips to make your readers to stay longer in your site:

Use emotion to present your message

People most often buy from their emotion. If you show an emotional element to your message like presenting a benefit why they should use or have it or providing a solution to their pains, then you will trigger the emotional decision making areas of their brain.

Then, you will have the greater chances of converting your reader to customer because you are creating an emotional connection between your message and the reader. Therefore once you have successfully build a positive emotional relationship with your readers, they will eager to come back to your site to explore further more to get what they want to hear or even become your regular customers.

Use video content on your blogging posts

Did you know that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message to people? Specifically, if your video delivers more value to your readers then this is a lot more effective than writing multiple pages of articles into your website. The added benefit of using a video is that it increases the chances that people will stay on your site longer because they are engaged watching your video. Video marketing puts a face to your own branding. This will help your readers to get to know you  which is better than creating a  of 500 or 1000 words blog post speaking gibberish/

Video on the Internet helps you to convey complex information to your readers. You can do some clear demonstration how to use a product or show the exact benefits for them.

Use captivating images

We are quite easily visually stimulated and you can take advantage of this by using an effective images and attractive colors with your blog post writing. Quite often images coupled with valuable content can attract an emotional response and it can help lay the foundations for the right mindset you want to create before somebody reads your sales pitch or post. Images can provoke an emotional reaction to your readers.

Images can also help you break heavy contents and make it easier to read as well as improve your SEO (search engine optimization) if you add the right alt tags keyword and description and link it to your image.

I hope that these simple tips can help your business grow up to the next level. As your list grows and you continue to nurture it, the possibility of subscribers that turn into repeat purchasers increases as well.


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