Online Marketing terms| taking the fear out of creating a website

For many people anything to do with being online especially online marketing is stopping a lot of folks from creating a website or becoming an affiliate marketer!

when you overcome your fears then online marketing is not hard

Even though computers are the norm nowadays, there are still people that have Cyberphobia , or a fear of anything doing with computers which make  such jobs as  online marketing  almost impossible because  that fear is very difficult to overcome.

Let’s face it,  when it comes to being online,this is can be a very frightening world . There are people I know who don’t   have computers, on line access, or even wi-fi capabilities. These same people don’t  use text messaging or social media either even though they had high functioning  cell phones.

There are members of my family who will  only  use computers to write, search for information or answer emails. If they use social media at all it is sparingly because of privacy issues.

These same people will not even consider online marketing  because of all the fears that they have and I would like to help those people understand so that they can get over some of those fears.

Understanding that  digital media is widely used by so many people and companies, when  I see a  newcomer  with  a lot of fears in  using  a computer, tablet  or cell phone to advertise on the web or doing any form of online marketing, then I believe that these people are losing out on a great experience.

I feel that some of those fears are based on not understanding  a lot of the terminology that is used in  online marketing because it can be confounding. I would like to correct that by explaining some of the basic terms used in setting up a web page, web site or splash pages.

Below are a few  of the basic terms used in setting up web pages, web sites, and or splash pages which hopefully will take some of the fear out of online marketing or at least some of the aspects of online marketing.

online marketing terms are important to understand

Online Marketing Terms


A link or hyperlink, a referred to a reference in an electronic document that allowed a computer user to display or activate another document or program. For instance on line marketers used them to earn credits or actual money through a referral link either through a code or banner on their website.

<a href=“”>website function</p></a>

codes  are special characters or character entities that are used in web pages to show characters that otherwise would’ve been difficult to type or use. They allow a marketer to embed an image or banner on their website.

banners refers  to an advertisement, or flashing image that runs across the top of a web page, web site or classified ad. They can also be seen at the  the bottom of web site and web pages too.

These are important words one has to know in order to advertise effectively. Without them, advertisers are unable to make money.

If  a link or hyperlink t is written incorrectly which happened  my home page you will see a message like this  “404 website not found”. If any part of the hyperlink is missed or incorrect then the reality is that  advertisers and potential clients are also missed! Remember what was said about things not working in my first article?

In some cases, when this type of error occurs, it will  cost an advertiser their account. There are sites that will give you a warning to fix any broken links such as Hub Pages (usually three days) by sending the user an e-mail.   There are other websites that are not as forgiving , especially about any overlapping banners or excessive spam from other places. Because of these issues both my urls, or web page address and  my account with that website was suspended.

When you are online marketing it’s important to understand that the the placement of banners, links and hyperlinks are  required when designing a good webpage or splash page  so that customers will be attracted to the  products being offered and of course the ultimate goal to make money; ALWAYS   test your pages before publication to avoid being suspended or losing money as a result of an error 404.

In all truthfulness, most of what I have learned was through the school of hard knocks ( learning on the job so to speak)  I have to say that  my not knowing what a web address was was embarrassing.

I have no idea on how many websites and  businesses  have been  lost because of my missing the 60 day login requirement or having broken links and overlapping banners!  I do know that I lost far too many opportunities!

I can say that –  now that I have learned and mastered the proper way to create a splash page, a web page and understanding the importance of  adding the proper  links, codes and banners  things are not nearly so bad.

Online marketing like anything else is a learning curve.  Sometimes it will be easy and other times it will be hard.  Just remember to never give up and ask for help when you need it!

What has been your experiences with learning online marketing, being on the web..has it always been easy or hard for you?


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