AdSense vs. AdWords: Lessons I learned in On line advertising

AdSense and  AdWords – The  lessons I learned the hard way  in On line advertising

 On line advertising was made easier because of better understanding by me. Two programs, Google Adsense and Google Adwords, designed in helping generate income are operated differently. These programs are intertwined, which had me confused as to how they operated. Below were the definitions of these two programs and what actually happened with my blog.

Online advertising mistakes can help you learn

Although both programs were operated by Google, the Adsense  program put banner-ads on a person’s web site or web page and the owner got income based on views seen from searching for them.  the Adwords  program was different. The owner of the web site or web page paid by keyword usage and the service they offered was supposedly used to pay for these keyword ads.

My Google Blog  had problems according to Google Adwords team because:

  • One of my sites violated their policies. They said my site looked more like a bridge page or a page with a lot of ads that led others to those other affiliate sites. The owner of that site had to have had original content on that page.
  • Since there was no service that generated income for me, usage of this program was not a good fit The customer service representative said it was lucky for me that the ad words stopped running paying for them would’ve been difficult.

Since my Google Plus profile was attached to the site, some of the ads on my blog needed removal because they were duplicates. With the Adsense program, they didn’t care how many affiliate ads one had, just so long as there was original content on that site.

Google Adsense offered me some tips about getting the best usage out of my ads. Some of them would have had to have been redone. There were other ways in generating traffic through a third party, but it will have to be checked by me first. There was still a lot to learn about advertising, so all isn’t lost yet. One just has to know which programs will  benefit them.

Share you experiences with online advertising – was it easy or hard for you to learn?

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