15 Dawn Dish Soap remedies

How many of you remember this Dawn dish soap commercial?

For myself, I will always remember why I saw this particular commercial as it was after the Gulf Oil spill back in 2010.

That was not the first time Dawn dish soap made by Proctor and Gamble was used to help the wildlife during an oil spill. Dawn was used to de-grease otters caught up in the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill, and the dish washing detergent was also used to remove oil from penguins and cormorants rescued after the Sydney Harbor oil spill in 1999.

At that time of the Gulf oil spill  there was a huge outcry about P&G’s usage of animal testing for their different products and it was felt that  there was a lot of  hypocrisy in such commercials as the one I shared with you.. There was a big push by many of the animal rights groups to have people to boycott Proctor and Gamble products and some groups are still doing it to this day.

Because I also am concerned about animal rights and the humane treatment of animals, I wanted to be sure that before I wrote this post regarding Dawn dish washing detergent I wanted to see how things stood for P&G. It is great to hear that Proctor and Gamble is working hard to come up with alternative ways to test products without have to use animals and have said “We are committed to continuing our key contributions in research to develop non-animal alternative methods which will ultimately permit the elimination of animal testing. We apply these principles all around the globe, in every region and every country where we operate.”

As for that video that I showed, it was a simulation of how they cleaned the animals during an oil spill. The black stuff you saw was tempura paint and corn syrup. As to the animals themselves – The duckling was one of four that were used and each bird was only on the set for a very short amount of time. The otter was an Asian small clawed otter that was an actor animal. As you saw in the shot it just sat there with its owner. The penguin was another long time actor that has been in many movies etc. It was very calm and used to being handled. source:About.com|Animal rights

That is just some of the  history  about Dawn dish  soap and the big  reason  I wanted to share with you this detergent  is because it is summer time and lots of kids are making  bubbles…small bubbles and  wonderful big bubbles!  

making bubble solution with Dawn dish soap

I remember seeing this recipe for making your own homemade bubble solution and one of the ingredients was Blue Dawn dish washing soap. Like many parents with small children, I was creating ways to keep them occupied and it was fun to do things for them and with them. The only problem was – in Canada at that time, you couldn’t buy Dawn dish washing soap. Thankfully I lived very close to the US boarder and one day I decided to go over and get some.
You have to remember that this was prior Sept.11 and things were so very different and yet the expression on the border patrol was very funny as I explained why I crossed the border to buy one thing.

I can attest  that that bubble solution was everything I had hoped it would be and now in 2014 you can buy Dawn dish washing soap in Canada.

you can buy Dawn dish soap in Canada




Through the years I have seen many ways  that Dawn dish  soap can be used and I thought it would be fun to share them with all of you ( including the famous Blue Dawn bubble solution)

Some of these I have tried with varying degrees of success and others ..well maybe you can tell me how they work.


15 Dawn Dish Soap DIY Hacks


1. Dawn dish soap bubble solution

 While I have my version of the bubble solution written down, I found this recipe that works just as well if not better


According to Bubbles.org, Dawn dish soap  makes great homemade bubbles.

Here is the Giant Bubble Recipe used in bubble makers at many children’s museums:

1/2 cup Ultra Dawn

1/2 gallon warm water

1 tablespoon glycerin (available at any drug store) OR White Karo syrup works too!

Stir gently.

Skim the foam off the top of the solution (too much foam breaks down the bubbles).

Dip bubble wand and get ready for some good, clean fun!

*note that the best water to use is soft water but to keep on the safe side use distilled water you can find in the store


2. Clean a barbecue

Mix together:
1/2 cup Dawn Dish soap
1 gallon water

~ Place the grease coated barbecue grill inside a heavy duty plastic trash bag.
~ Pour the soapy solution of the rack inside the bag
~ Seal the bag shut and let sit overnight
Next Day:
~ Scrub the rack with a stiff or wire brush and rinse clean


3. Excess hair color?

If you dye your hair too dark, wash your hair with Dawn dish soap to lighten the color of your hair.


4. Kill Fleas in carpeting

In a 16 oz spray bottle:
~ pour 1 tablespoon Dawn dish soap in to the bottle  and fill the rest with water.
~Shake well and spray the carpet, upholstery and floors

The soap will dry up the insects killing them ( almost instantly)
~ Let the solutions sit for 15 minutes
~ Wipe the floors with a damp towel
~Vacuum the Carpet


5. Hair Product Buildup
Once a month use original Dawn as you would shampoo. It will remove excess oil from your hair and scalp and strip away any build-up of styling products without any damage. Perform this once a month and you won’t have to buy expensive salon products that do the same thing.
6. Repel Houseplant Insects

A safe, effective way to repel insects from your houseplants, including aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs. Put a drop of Dawn Dish soap in a spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake well, and mist your household plants with the soapy water.


7. Ice Pack 

Partially fill a strong zip-type sandwich bag with Dawn dish soap , close and freeze. The liquid soap stays cold much longer and it can be re-frozen many times. It will conform to the place you need an ice pack.
8. Clean Automotive Tools
After you have finished your automotive repair project, soak your dirty tools in Dawn before you put them away to remove all the oil and grime. Dawn also helps prevent rust from forming on the tools.
9. Non-toxic lubricant
Sliding glass doors, door knobs, hinges etc. It lasts much longer than any aerosol type spray that I have tried. And Its non-toxic! It does a great job of cleaning the parts that its lubricating as well!
10. Household cleanser for Walls and floors
Into two gallons of water
1/2 teaspoon dawn dish soap
1/2 cup borax
1 teaspoon ammonia
11. Remove Soot from decorative bricking of Fireplace
~ Mix equal parts Dawn dish soap with Table salt.
~ Add enough water to make a cream
~ Rub mixture into the brick surface with a cloth
~ let dry for 10 minutes
~ Scrub with stiff brush
~ Wipe clean with water and sponge
12. Dawn Dish Soap Stain cleaner
2 teaspoons Dawn dish soap
2 teaspoons vinegar
2 quarts warm water
Use this solution to wash food stains from clothes.
*always test on a small area of clothing first
13. Driveway Cleaner
If you have gasoline or motor oil stains on your driveway, you can use the kitty litter method to clean up the excess oil and then use a scrub broom and a solution of biodegradable Dawn dish soap detergent and warm water to safely and effectively remove excess motor oil from the pavement.
14. Ants be gone!
Getting rid of ants is easy with Dawn Dish Soap. Spray a mixture of water and Dawn directly onto counter tops, floors, sinks, or wherever the ants seem to be. This will leave behind a residue that ants refuse to walk across. It is also safe for kids and pets, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals. If you spray the solution directly on an ant, Dawn will penetrate their exoskeleton and kill them on contact. This also works for wasps and cockroaches.
I wonder if this would work on spiders? hmm
15. Pet Stains
1 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon Dawn dish soap 
use a foam making hand cleaner bottle ( can be found in dollar stores)
Pump the foam mixer over the stain and leave it in place
Come back later to repeat if the stain is not gone
Use paper towels to blot up part of the stain in between treatments as needed
Repeat until stain is gone.
Why does this work?
The enzymes in the Dawn helps to break down the stain and pheromones in the spot.
I have created a SlideShare sharing some of these and other home remedies using Dawn. Feel Free to save them on your computer and  share with your friends.

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