High Heels and fun facts about feet

Do you know when high heels were first used or who devised shoe sizes?

Before talking about the fascinating world of high heels and other interesting facts about shoes and feet, I wanted to share this funny compilation of  high heel fails. While they are funny, I also felt for these ladies as I know how it feels to fall in high heels..boy do I ever!

When you see a woman walking down the street wearing high heeled shoes, there is little doubt that she looks striking, provocative and dare I say sexy?
While they may have all of these words alluded to the woman wearing high heels, the reality is that they are not the most comfortable nor the most safe items to wear!

I am unsure if you are experienced with the high heel, but I can tell you from sad experience that they get stuck in things when you least expect it.  I learned to never walk on grass ( especially wet grass), ice, polished floors or even cobbled streets. When I drove, I took the dang things off as they got in the way of the pedals!

child playing dress up in high heels

None the less we have always had a love affair with the high heel and many a young girl has dressed up in her moms shoes to play dress up and to be a “lady”

By the way guys, don’t start laughing too much about high heels as you were the first to wear them over women..honest!

In the 16th century as part of the battle armor, the Persian horseback warriors wore “high heels” , out of necessity rather than fashion. The extended heel was developed specifically for riding, to keep the rider’s foot from slipping out of the stirrups. the extended heel also helped to hold the rider steady when standing up in the stirrups and shooting arrows.

Then take a look at such men as King Louis XIV ( in the 1700’s) who loved high heels so much that other people were not allowed to wear high heels unless they were nobility and to make a point even the nobility were not allowed to have the heels taller than his. Now you also have to remember that at that time being shorter than the rest of the population was not the greatest ego builder and so you can understand his obsession with the heel being larger. By the way, many people say that Napoleon was short, but the fact is he was about 2 inches taller than the average male of that time… just thought you should know :-)

King Louis XIV dressed up and wearing high heels

Over time, things changed and women (who wanted equality) started wearing high heels as well as doing other masculine habits such as cutting their hair short, smoking pipes and other such male behavior.  Some people might ask if anything has really changed lol

Yes the high heel has had quite a history and through  years high heel shoes  have become popular at some times and not so popular at others.

Now while this is a family rated blog community, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention one segment of people who have never stopped using high heels and that is the prostitute and the pornography trade and that is all I will say about that.

It’s not too often you will hear people talk about feet, shoes and the amazing high heels at least to my knowledge and so I am going to fix that situation by giving you some fun facts about feet and high heels and even shoes..are you ready?


shoes being worn during ice age

The first shoes were invented 5,000,000 year ago during the Ice Age and were made from animal skins

image of mummy from tebas where high heels were invented

High heels were invented by the Egyptians back from 1000 B.C. and even though they were not stilettos, they were the precursors of the high heel as we know today. This was discovered in a tomb of Tebas in Old Egypt.

Catherine of Medici invented high heels because she was short in stature

The invention of the high heel is attributed to Catherine of Medici in Paris, in the 16th century, who used them due to her short stature, and soon introduced them into fashion among the European aristocracy.

sweat glands in feet

There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, and they excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day.

Romans believed,

The ancient Romans were the first to create distinct left and right shoes; previous to that all shoes could be worn on either foot.

KING EDWARD II PORTRAIT (REIGNED 1307 - 1327) Giclee Print|Item #: 871141529A

Shoe sizes were devised in England by King Edward II who declared in 1324 that the diameter of one barley-corn -( a third of an inch) would represent one full shoe size. Today, that’s still true

Page from Leonardo da Vinci's notebook, including his 'to do' list

The foot accounts for 25% of the bones in the human body.  Each foot usually contains twenty-six main bones–plus an extra pair of small ones known as sesamoids, for a total of 28 and lets not forget there are There are also 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons!  It’s no wonder that the great Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci,( the first individual to create accurate anatomical drawings of the foot)called them “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”.

in a life time we can walk around the world 4 times

The average person takes 10,000 steps per day with is equal to 115,000 miles in a lifetime. That is like walking around the world 4 times!


buy shoes in the afternoon

The afternoon is the best time to shop for shoes because the feet tend to be more swollen 

toe to hand surgery

Since fingers and toes are both digits, they should be interchangeable, right? Well, in toe-to-hand surgery, toes can be used to replace missing fingers. The method was first used on humans in 1975 and is now widely used. Not every finger can be replaced, but often the big toe can be used for a missing thumb.

Toe prosthetic(s) possibly  date back as far as 3,000 years. Explorers found a mummy in Egypt with a leather and wood contraption that is believed to be a prosthetic toe. The “Cairo Toe” dates back to between 1069 BC and 664 BC and predates the earliest known prosthetic by at least 700 years.

The current record holder for the longest toenails is Louise Hollis of Compton, Calif., who set the record back in 1991. Maintenance for her toes takes a total of two days each week when all the time for filing and painting them is combined

Indian designer James Syiemiong is the person who took away LadyBWear’s title with these impossibly high platform boots he made in 2004. Not only did he make these boots 20 inches high but he also made them in black leather, red leather and denim. Gotta love that he had the three ladies model them to show that they’re actually wearable but they do come with a health warning that says “the manufacturer of the shoe cannot be held responsible for any injury clients may sustain while wearing them.” Scary.



how many shoes does a person need?


 Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos owned 1,200 pairs of shoes.

high heels worn in WW2

 Despite all of cutbacks during World War II, high shoes were still very popular so  designers created tall, uplifting heels using materials that weren’t rationed, like wood straw and snakeskin.

The power of the stiletto exercise class

The American fitness center Crunch, known for its unique programs, offers a class called “The power of the stiletto.” It lasts 45 minutes, in which helps you sculpture amazing calves, nice and tight legs, while improving the posture and teaching you how to walk, dance and feel comfortable and sexy in high heels.

Hugh Hefner in the 60's on a TWA

In 1960 Hugh Hefner chooses a classic black shoe with stiletto as part of the official clothing of the Playboy Playmate.

As you now can see ,With thousands of years of their presence in our history, shoes, high heels have managed to touch our lives and change the way history flowed through the ages.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and videos. If you have, I hope you will share it with your friends..oh by the way and here is something I bet you didn’t know… remember how I stated at the beginning that the Egyptians started the evolution of high heels? Well did you know that the butchers of that time wore high heels for a very good reason..they didn’t want to walk through the blood after slaughtering the animals!

Have a good one and look forward to your comments and even shoe trivia if you know of any..




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