Bowlerite, What is it?


Bowlerite is a fairly new innovation when it comes to jewelry, mosaics, and other craft projects. It comes in a huge variety of colors, and can really stand out in your craftwork, and art.

What, exactly, is Bowlerite? Quite simply, it is the outer skin of a bowling ball. It can be made from polyurethane, urethane, polyester resin, wood, and rubber.

The bowling balls made out of polyurethane, urethane, and polyester resin are what Bowlerite is made from. The first step in making the bowlerite, is, of course, finding a suitable bowling ball.

Here are two example of the bowling balls I am using ..


Now the fun part begins. You have to break the bowling ball apart, and remove the inner core from the skin, or the part that makes the Bowlerite. I use a grinding/cutting wheel and a hand grinder to cut grooves into the bowling ball, then a hammer and chisel to break them apart. This is a VERY dusty part of the process.

After the balls are broken apart, you have to decide on the shapes you want to make cabochons out of, and grind and sand them to that shape. This takes a bit of time, and several grits of sandpaper, or sanding wheels, depending on whether you are doing so by hand, or with a machine.

The final step is the polishing. Bowlerite has to be nice and shiny for folks to want to buy it, with no scratches visible. The demand for this new cabochon material is rising, especially in the handcrafted jewelry world. I will soon be supplying part of that need as I learn how to make bowlerite cabochons. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun also.

A word of caution however, when grinding, sanding, or polishing anything, always wear safety goggles, and a good dust mask.


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I am a wire wrap jewelry artist. Before that I was an electrician, spent some time in the US Navy, was a cued speech transliterator for 2 years, worked as a landscaper, assistant manager at a greenhouse/nursery, worked for Home Depot for a bit, and have done stints working as a plumber, roofer, bricklayer, cowboy, maitre'd at a restaurant, and several odd jobs in between. I enjoyed being an electrician a lot, until my back started going bad, and I made the choice to get out of electrical work. Then, with money being low, I considered going back into the electrical field, and God made it very clear that was not where I was supposed to be, and if I went back into the electrical field, something very bad would happen. I listened to God. Now I am very happy to make jewelry for a living, although it does not pay as well as electrical work. This year has seen some drastic improvements in my jewelry business however. I have more of the tools I need to make the kind of jewelry I want to make. I've learned some new things, new methods, and made many new friends along the way.

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