Websites: Was it worth it paying for them?

Do you feel that you should have to pay for websites and web hosting? This is an ongoing issue for many people who are on a strict financial budget!

Right now, there was  an on-going  dilemma that needed solving by me.  Up  until 2012, the website used by me offered free web hosting.  When people started stealing from my current website, one had to pay or move to another site. Next month, my payment was due around the 20th. Luckily, they offered a discount if one signed up for two years.

Before having run into the above situation and the one below it, my answer to the title question would’ve been no. My reason for this was that there wasn’t enough money after the bills were paid to have a website that charged a monthly fee. Knowing where to advertise brought in credits and money. Another well-known professional site had contacted me on getting premium services, but they weren’t needed at this time. With all my other free accounts on other websites, the word was spread effectively. page

There were several problems with the sites used before:

  • one had to log in every 60 days or risk loosing all on site information. This happened so much, it got old resetting everything, even after renewing my password.
  • This same website started charging $5 a month for excessive  use of bandwidth. This was what prompted me into moving to the site used now.  Back then, there were many free web hosting sites from which to choose.

Two of the well-known websites were not liked by me. On the first website, there were problems with the templates they had available. All of what existed on my web site wouldn’t fit on their templates. On the second site, it was already a well known .com name. It was known by me before my having a computer or laptop. One of my emloyers used it to advertise their business.

Since being a member of my current website for so long, it didn’t hurt becoming a recent affiliate of that site. My referral link would’ve earned credit here or cash by advertising on my other blogs every time someone clicked on it.  Moving all the links from one site to another didn’t sit well with me anyway after having done all that  house cleaning in the last few months.

It was up to the reader whether they wanted a website that was free or paid for. If they made enough on-line dollars that enabled them to move up to services they paid for, they could do so.  

As for me, time and effort at maintaining my current website and the recent affiliation with the company, allowed me the ability to pay for it.





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