Symptoms of depression in women under 40

Women in depressionDepression is a common but complex disease to understand that few can actually handle and come out of it successfully. In the U.S., there are almost 15 million people who experience depression every year and the majority of them are women. It is unfortunate that nearly two-thirds of these people do not get the help they need simply because they do not realize that they are depressed or dismiss the symptoms as a phase by not giving it the importance and care it deserves. As per statistics, women are twice as likely to develop clinical depression as men and about one in four women is likely to undergo a major depression at some point in her life.

Hormonal functions and post-partum depression as well as stress related depression caused by working too much or worrying too much about performing various tasks at a given time are the root causes of most depression cases in women who are in their 20s or 30s. Women and hormones have a highly composite relationship. During or before the phase of menstruation and also during and after the pregnancy phase, the fluctuating level of hormonal production at times leads to changes in the brain area. Hence the signs of depression in women generally tend to be more than in men and the most common symptoms are mood swings, irritability, exhaustion and weariness.

Symptoms of depression in women over 60

It has been rampantly seen that as people age, they tend to become sadder and more depressed. However this usually varies from person to person and enforcement of positive thinking after hitting the age of seniority by joining Art of Living classes, meditating or joining social clubs and groups is a great idea. Women over 60 generally get depressed due to loneliness as more often than not, their spouse passes away as men have been known to have shorter life spans than women. Loneliness caused by neglect of children and chemical reactions triggered in the brain owing to the consumption of various medicines they take to cure ailments are other reasons for the depression. Some signs are:

  • Weight loss or gain-not being able to maintain steady weight
  • Change in sleeping patter-insomnia or sleeping a lot
  • Psychomotor agitation, that is fidgeting, moving or speaking more rapidly than usual, or psychomotor retardation moving or speaking more slowly than usual
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Not able to focus on things or indecisiveness

Symptoms of depression in women under 50

When in their forties, women go through a lot of physical changes mainly due to the onset of menopause which leads to depression. Some of the common facts regarding it are:

·         Occurrence of depression in women tends to peak in the forties. It has been observed that most women who are diagnosed with depression as well as other mental health issues are between 40 to 65 years of age. Most women report to have been most depressed at the age of 44 but unfortunately many of them dismiss it as a hormonal change caused by the impending or ongoing menopause.

·         Menopause is the culprit for bringing about depression in women in their forties. The estrogen levels start varying frequently and the chemicals in the brain begin to change. These 2 factors often lead to the development of depress

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