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Slow Down and enjoy life!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve got so little time to unwind that you wouldn’t know what to do even if someone sat you in a recliner and put a warm beverage in your hand? Well I’ve got some good news for you, it is possible to slow down and enjoy the life you’ve been missing. Here are a few ways you can do it starting today.

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Enjoy your meal times

Eat meals at a dining room or kitchen table, ideally using a plate. Promise yourself that you simply won’t eat at your PC or even in your vehicle. Rather, make times during the day to stop and focus on nourishing your body. You’ll likely make healthier food selections and consume more sensible servings when you focus on what you’re eating. You’ll also make sure you’ve got daily times to take a break and relax.

Be aware this won’t work should you choose not to eat instead of eating at a table. The idea is to learn that caring for your body’s needs is among your highest goals, and you need to spend time looking after yourself. It’s not good enough to fit it in wherever you can while attending to other activities.

Use foot power not horsepower

Leave you car behind and walk instead of driving when possible. You’ll not just get exercise and fresh air, but save yourself loads of driving related tension. When you’re taking a walk, you focus on what’s going on around you, not having moments to view what’s happening outside your vehicle windows.

Even though you can’t travel as quickly as a vehicle can drive, you’ll be amazed how little extra time walking requires when traveling short distances. You can effectively use those added minutes to plan, think, or just unwind.

Un-connect yourself from electronic gadgets

Leave cell phones and laptop computers in your own home. I like my iPhone and laptop as much as anyone else, but I know that I enjoy myself much more when I inadvertently forget them and have no option but to communicate with the world around me. There’s something about continuously taking out a cell phone to check messages that places us in a kind of high alert, anxious condition. Even when we’re not expecting anything important, the act of frequently checking our phone tricks the brain into believing we’re in a stressful state so we tense up.

Sometimes it’s not possible to leave phones and laptops at home, but you can teach yourself not to keep looking at them. Put them away till you have a real need for them. Allow yourself to get bored. You’ll discover that when you give in, your brain will wander and you’ll discover something useful to do or enjoy a pleasant, productive daydreaming period.

Relax with your kids or pets

When you have children or pets in your daily life and can spend time with them, make every effort to do so. Kids and pets are complete geniuses at throwing themselves into the moment and making the most of life as it comes.

Even 30 minutes tossing a ball with a puppy or 20 minutes coloring and making up tales with a child will take you to a less complicated time in your life. We all can use a reminder of what it’s like being totally absorbed in just having a good time.

Take a class and learn something new

There’s nothing like mastering the latest skill or applying ourselves to a new area of study to get our mind energized. It may not seem like committing to learn new things is enjoyable, but giving your mind exercise is among the best ways live life. Many times we run on autopilot, doing the same things again and again, until all we’re tasting is a memory.

Whenever we approach anything different, we have to slow down to take it all in and integrate it into our routine. We are also doing the best thing to keep our mind youthful and flexible and boost the satisfaction we get from living.

We must realize we aren’t superman

Recognize it’s not necessary to do everything ourselves. Check out your to-do list and think about what will occur if each item doesn’t get accomplished. Even though you look for the worst case scenario, it’s most likely not going to occur. Taking into consideration the “what if” may help you understand how insignificant some of the items actually are.

Obviously, there are certain things you must do on a regular basis, for the rest, decide if you’re able to:

· Remove completely
· Delegate
· Postpone

In case you can’t ignore feeling you have to do everything is a certain way, its useful to look at the reason you feel like this. You must discover ways being comfortable being imperfect and not having total control. It’s all right being driven and having high expectations, but if you wish to slow down and can’t find ways to reach that goal, things must change.

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