Learning Online Marketing – My Journey

Learning online marketing is invaluable, and worth the effort.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in the mud with your online marketing business?

What used to work doesn’t work so well any more. Time for changes and a new direction. Internet and social media marketing provides platforms to connect with larger groups of people in shorter lengths of time. Can we do it on our own? … sure, but figuring it all out without wasting valuable time is another matter. We searched out trainers, coaches, and mentors for the longest time before we found the one that clicked.

Content marketing seems to suit me just fine. Teaching sells and providing valuable information that people can put to good use suits me just fine as well, and already I am noticing a difference in who I’m attracting. I love learning, and I love teaching or sharing what I learn equally as much. I also love to write…expressing myself seems to come easier for me through writing then it does struggling for the right words to say.  So I began blogging, or attempting to blog maybe better said. At least at first it was an attempt, which is slowly but surely evolving into a more natural event.

I’ve discovered a learning process…. by journaling and then videoing what I’m learning I can retain the information better… it sticks that way. Blog post supporting videos are easier for me because I have a reference…maybe for you too. Give it a try if you are not providing any value and you want to start. Learning online marketing has become one of my favorite past times and being able to share what I learn makes it that much better. And as an added bonus, there’s nothing quite like earning an income doing something you love.

Please watch the video for more…

Thanks for reading and watching, and I look forward to further networking with you.



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A proud father to a 26 year old daughter who recently acquired her Masters of Social Work at NYU. A hard worker...easy going, easy to please...simple, yet set in ways, and love helping others. Have goals and am extremely determined and dedicated. Love family yet not so easy to show feelings. I am primarily here to network for business, but am also finding great pleasure in sharing other interests as well. Passionate about my internet and direct sales business and staying fit and healthy. My goals are not unrealistic. I am stubborn and I will not rest until I hit those goals, or at least until I know I have tried my hardest.

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