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In this post we talk about learning to understand our audience & speaking to them about what they want to hear. Communicating in a way that will attract people to us. Practice. Becoming a professional invitor.


This is an area that I can always improve upon… improving communication…in fact it’s an area that I think many if not most networkers can improve upon…I need to remain a student and keep learning, and applying, and getting better. I can write, but speaking is more of a challenge. Finding the right words fluidly doesn’t always come easy, and often my mind just goes blank. When I relax I can remember what I wanted to say, but when I’m uptight and nervous, which I usually am when speaking, especially when I first start out, then the words don’t come.

improving communication mean getting over fear of speaking to people

Can anyone else relate to this? Are you someone who also struggles, or are you a naturally good speaker?

Understanding my audience and knowing what they want and need to hear is a huge help. Being prepared or knowledgable about my subject is also a huge help. Relating to personal experiences make’s it easier, and knowing I’m providing value and quality content helps too. But good old fashioned practice is probably what helps me the most, and I need to do more of it. My problem however, is running from what’s uncomfortable. I take the easy way out. Why be uncomfortable when I can just hit the road and get out of town. Why be responsible when I can duck responsibilty. Am I the only one that does this?

Maybe I’ll just keep trying.

Watch the video for more…thanks.




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