Is it A Good Idea to Buy Eyeglasses Online?

question about whether to buy eyeglasses online

Not sure on how to order glasses Online?

Have you ever thought about buying eyeglasses online?

The answer to whether it’s a good idea or not is, “it depends.” As an optician people ask me all the time for eyeglass help especially if they should buy eyeglasses online and if it’s a safe option.

I have done quite a bit of research into this new phenomenon and have come to a few conclusions about the safety and accuracy of purchasing prescription eyeglasses on the internet. Some good and some not so good. With the advancement of tecnololgy it is definitely being made easier to purchase glasses because of things like virtual 3D screens which allow you to actually use your own face to try frames on.

Buying Single Vision Glasses Online

As far as I’m concerned, the easiest type of eyeglasses to buy online are glasses with single vision lenses. You’ll obtain your prescription as well as a PD from an Optometrist who examines your eyes and then you enter this information into the online eyeglass store’s website when you order your glasses.If you cannot get your PD from your Optometrist there are easy ways to get the measurement by yourself, I have a short video on this site telling you how to do this ,Do not ask your local optical store for your PD as they probably won’t give it to you.

As long as you’re comfortable not having tried on the frames for real there is the good potential to be entirely satisfied when buying this type of eye-wear online. A pupillary distance is fairly easy to get and glasses can be easily produced. Some companies have better quality eye-wear than others. If you want cheap eyeglasses then that’s what your get even if you pay more you will still probably pay less than what you will in a store. Beware of copycat designer frames as they are widely sold on the internet.

When Should you Be careful Buying Your Glasses Online?

When you require bifocal or progressive lined or no line) glasses, A couple millimeters can make a big difference in how you see. If you’re not being measured with the frames on your face, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll end up with glasses that are inaccurate and this can throw everything off. I am not saying its impossible to get a good fit but with bifocals it can get a little tricky. Don’t be fooled by people who say its a standard measurement there is NO SUCH THING .

I have personally reached out to a numerous companies that sell bifocals and progressive lenses online and was told they use your PD to generate the measurements for placing the bifocal height of your lenses appropriately. Now, while this answer may appease someone who doesn’t know much about eyeglasses, I know that the PD has little to nothing to do with segment height, frame positioning on your face is vital and the way you hold your head when you read versus looking out of your lenses for distance vision all come into play.

You see it would be great if we all walked around with the same posture but this is just not true with human beings, And thus the need for trained opticians viewing your frames on you. A lot of companies seem to have a very relaxed way of producing bifocal eyeglasses. But as you may have heard before you get what you pay for. If you want cheaply made eyeglasses that’s what you will get progressive  lenses need to be properly fitted.

What To Do Next…

If you’re set on purchasing your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online, be sure the store offers a satisfaction guarantee. This way you’ll know that if they’ve made them incorrectly  you  can easily send them back until they get them right!  

Hopefully that’s not the case, there are ways you can pretty well assure a correct measurement and I will be talking about that later . Remember ask questions and its a good idea to write them down before you order you new glasses, Some companies actually have opticians that work the phones.

3D virtual

Above all if your not sure about something send me a comment I would love to help you out

Bob the Optician Guy :)

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