Disadvantages of Trading Your Time For Money

Trading your Time For Money Is It Worth Doing?

Are you a success conscious person?

If yes, then this is worth reading….
If you truly desire something, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself on how to attain it.  And once you convince yourself and take actions towards it – you will definitely acquire it!
One beautiful Sunday morning in Vietnam when we analyzed the principles in which riches may be accumulated in time with the power of your thoughts and a fire burning desire.  Your thoughts and purpose will be smoothly coordinated, and your energy be concentrated and applied which transcends everything.

Why Average People Trading Their Time For Money?

I have nothing against any companies or any corporate culture at all. Everybody says you would be foolish to give up a steady paycheck and corporate job security to take a chance on something new.  Trading your time for money is the most scary thing to do right now. Nowadays, job security is a serious concern for so many employees in today’s workforce. Knowing that so many positions are being outsourced, cut, or revamped.
Disadvantages of Trading Your Time For Money

For me, having a life worth living starts with happiness, doing things in your own pace, love what you do, satisfaction, good planning with specific purpose that you want to attain in life and making a difference to someone’s life is usually the result of having a meaningful life.
It’s so sad to see, the things that matter most to average people are “salary checks”, people are in a position to trade their time (your future) from a regular salary in order to cater a temporary lifestyle, paying off debt or providing support for their families.  We all make choices about what we want to do based on the quality of life that we want to have.
People who knows how to leverage their time and money have more control in their life. They don’t belong to any corporate world, no boss and they do not beg for any pay raise or looking forward for yearly bonus.  They can take vacations at any time, dress however they feel and do whatever they want at anytime they want to do it.
Most people still cannot quit their job due to many reasons: 

1.  You have been conditioned to receive your monthly income pay and great perks

2.  Car/house mortgage payment

3.  Fear to face the entrepreneurial world

4.  Fear of delay gratification


It’s really important that you know what time and money freedom actually looks like for you to know your reason why you wanting it.
Trading your time for money is so common for many people.  It seems the only way to make money is to get a descent monthly salary every month. We have been conditioned to believe that this is the safest most respectable way to earn a living.
Disadvantages of Trading Your Time For Money
Don’t you think your life would be much easier if you got paid while you were out with your family or were you were sleeping or relaxing at the beach?

1.  Identify your WHY:
Getting rich is knowing first your powerful WHY. Once you know your WHY, you will be much more motivated and inspired to stay on track in what you do in achieving more time and more money in life with harmony.  You will have the opportunity to show your capacity to reach richness if you are ready to begin by putting your goal into action.  Thousands of people who accumulated fortunes that every of them have the clarity of its own why and had a habit of making decisions promptly to take action.
2.  Setting up your Goal:
These are the things that you want or dream of.  Make a list of all the things you desire for the future. This isn’t what you already attained or achieved, but what you want or looking to have it.  Have you ever taken the time to truly reflect, to listen quietly to your heart, to see what life that you really deserve? We’re given the best gift of the ability to not only dream but to pursue those dreams in our goal setting.
Goal shapes your dreams.  It gives us the ability to hone in on the exact actions we need to perform to achieve everything we desire in life.  One of the key ingredient to achieving your success is to enlarge your vision. You have to envision yourself rising to the top.  You must believe that everything is possible if you ever hope to experience it.  Our only limitation lies in our imagination.
3.  Learn the Power of Leveraging:
If you want to stop trading your time for money, you must learn how to leverage your time and money.
Time is one of our most valuable asset in your life.  Either we use our time wisely or we just let it passed without gaining anything from it.  Leverage is one of the secret of all the wealthiest people on earth.   Successful people know how to diversify, identify opportunities and leverage their time and money by using others people time to make more money for them.  It’s an obvious yet often overlooked by many – the truth that rich people have 24 hours a day and poor people have also 24 hours a day.

The difference between the rich and the poor is in the management of that time.  Successful people run their day by staying in charge of their time they become masters of their time while poor people are servants of their time.  Successful people often work harder and longer, but they almost always work smarter compared with the average people.  Imagine the potential compounding effect of working smarter by practicing a few simple disciplines every day, you can use time like the rich people if you focus with the clarity of your own WHY in attaining your specific goal.


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