Credits: Was it better to buy or surf when earning them?

On Traffic exchanges is it better to buy credits or earn credits by surfing?

OK, now that the web site, splash page  and referral links were gathered and organized into lists and placed where they went on bookmarks, web pages and splash pages, it was time to build a credit base.  While it was great having at least five sites to surf, how would someone keep earning credits so that their pages continued circulating? Should one buy credits by using their own money or  spend time surfing  and reading e-mails to earn them? That all depended on what someone preferred. For me, surfing and reading e-mails was preferred, even though it was time-consuming and tedious.

In the beginning, this was the problem  for me because surfing was dull and my loss of interest was evident  when my sites weren’t being circulated. Several times in the last few years, there have been generic e-mails in my inbox that told me to surf 50 sites to become active.  A few of the sites surfed by me were almost closed down because of my inactivity for so long. The owner of two of the sites previously surfed by me had to be told my computer was giving me trouble to avoid being removed from them.

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Surfing became  the favorite thing to do for me because:

  1.  Four of my seven sites belonged to one owner,
  2.  Belonging to these sites gave me credit incentives when surfing them, and
  3. At least three of those sites gave me downline members when surfing higher page numbers.

The other three sites had timers and worked like traffic exchanges. Oneof them was disliked by me because the credit reward was not equal to the amount of time spent surfing the number of pages required.  For surfing 100 pages one might have gotten 10 credits. Two months ago, while they were offering a special, earning 100 bonus  credits made me feel good. The site took one credit for every URL the member wanted circulated. Since there were eight listed on my web site page, it wasn’t very economical. Only having my three main sites like the web site, the home page, and the splash page was easier. There was another problem, using my smart phone to reduce the number of e-mails from my Gmail and Yahoo inboxes made it difficult to see the timer when it counted down.

In all fairness, the decision whether to buy credits or earn them by surfing remained with the user. My problem  was whom to buy from and how much? In the past, it was tried with my ads on one site, but there was more month then money, even at the lowest level. The higher levels were out of my price range.  It wasn’t until my surfing for higher page count and earning down-line members on a few of my sites that buying credits with them weren’t needed. With the newer web site joined by me in the last month, earning badges for reading and surfing a certain number of sites every so often meant earning badges. My aim was simply to unclutter the inboxes listed in the previous paragraph. One of those mailboxes  is a  a primary e-mail account.

Sometimes surfing three to five of my web sites in one day could have been done if one skipped things like eating, sleeping, and household chores. Usually surfing two web sites a day might cover them all and one would have still kept up with chores and had a life.

It was recommended by Doctor Oz that people picked one day a week in not using the internet. My day was Sunday, since most of the day was spent at church.

Even God rested on the seventh day. :-)






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