5 Keys to Capturing Prospective Buyers

Consider these 5 keys to capturing prospective buyers

Spring has sprung last month. The birds are singing as they build nests and do their mating dances. Yes, it won’t be long before the flowers bloom, and grass starts growing.

You know what that means…grass needs mowing. When you parked the riding mower last fall, you knew that it would be a miracle if you could get it through another summer. You’re going to need to replace old “Betsy” sooner or later, and start thinking about the features you want with the next lawn mower!

Well, you haven’t tried starting the old mower, but hey, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. With nothing better to do, you head for the mall and find yourself among a line of shiny lawn mowers with a wide variety of prices and features. What are the advantages of each one compared to the difference in costs?

Yep, not every customer that walks through your door is ready to make a purchase. Maybe they’re still in the “thinking about it” stage. Yeah, when you think long enough, you usually talk yourself into doing it. That’s why it’s important to treat every customer’s question with respect. You never know when a properly answered question will lead to a sale.

questions prospective buyers ask

Here are some tips to keep in mind for effectively answering customer questions:

Prospective buyers key 1 –  A Question is the Sign of a Potential Sale.

Yeah, if a customer is taking the time to look you up and ask questions, you’re dealing with a high level of interest. Don’t take it lightly. A prompt and quick response laced with the added benefits of the product will go a long way toward closing a sale.

Prospective buyers key 2 –  Make it Easy to Ask A Question.

There’s nothing more frustration than having a simple question and having to move heaven and earth to get an answer. Make it easy for your customers to ask questions. Make your website question friendly and include a phone number with all of your sales material.

Prospective buyers key 3 –  Organize – Set up a Frequently Asked Question File

What questions have you emailed answers to this week? Keep a file with those repeat questions. You’ll be able to copy and paste the answers into responses. Hey, your customer will be happy and you can spend time doing something else. Everyone wins!

Prospective buyers key 4 –  Get Back – Quickly

How many times have you shopped around while waiting for someone to get back to you? Yeah, it’s easier than ever on the web. Customer attention spans are ever shortening with the vast global competition at their fingertips. Don’t dilly dally – get back to them pronto!

 Prospective buyers key 5 –  Make Every Question a Sales Opportunity

When someone asks you a question, you’ve got their attention! They’re waiting for an answer that is important to them. Yeah, it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your response to include benefits of the purchase.

Prospective buyers who ask questions  wear a badge that says, “Buyer on Board!” Read it and pay attention. Often a little nudge will mean a sale to tally at the day’s end. Think of it like this…learning to effectively answer customer questions is a low-cost and effective way to boost your profits this year! Think of all the referrals you will get! See you at the top!




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