Surfers beware! On line deals weren’t what they seem.

Traffic exchange Surfers beware!

traffic exchanges are great but use caution "surfers beware"

When it comes to traffic exchanges you have to be careful about what you are shown and what you click on and here is my story…

While surfing one of my affiliate sites this Tuesday past, an opportunity came up that excited me.There was a free phone application that allowed the circulation of business opportunities on chat sites like Whatsapp. That was a closed market for me because other than a few friends, my use of that app was to have kept in touch with a friend overseas. After signing up, an e-mail was received telling me that my account needed verification.

After that was completed, another e-mail informed me that there needed to have been another verification by my choosing two other services from another e-mail link. This made me suspicious for two reasons:

1.)   If something was free, there didn’t need to have been two additional services validating the account.

2.)   Only five of the six links on the service page worked. One was no longer available.

One of them was a stock investment company, which wasn’t so bad until my finding out the minimum amount of investment was $500. Investments were a lot like playing a poker game. One better have had the top set of cards to win that round and every other round in the game. If they had large chunks of money like the above mentioned to loose, more power to them. My track record for gambling wasn’t all that great and bluffing was out of the question, especially when things were either grossly overestimated or hadn’t taken off at all. Remember the Bernie Madoff scandal in 2008 and the Enron scandal in 2001? What about the bit coin exchange in Tokyo, Japan that recently went belly up after the value of the digital coins were grossly over inflated?

My only experience with earning money on line was through the promotion of an on line site, through another traffic exchange, that offered $5 when anyone joined. After receiving about $15 by PayPal, the owner of the site sold it. There went my ability to have made money. The disgrace was having the referral link removed from my sites. My purchase of some  computer software in 2007 from a television ad got my credit card company called me twice for  possible fraudulent activity with a few two or three dollar charges. There was a ten-day free trial that was never reinstated because of my visiting a relative in Florida about that time. My distaste for the items and the bad treatment made me return everything, even the free software.

Someone did call late Tuesday afternoon about my joining the investment site. After telling them of my suspicions regarding account validation by taking two other services, they sent me an email. For me, this was like buyer’s remorse, having had a 72-hour cooling off period in which one decided to reject the item or services. In my case, all three accounts were to be closed.

Remember what was said about how fast something spread on the internet that didn’t work? Well, that included possible fraud also with the highlighted examples in this piece. If something sounded too good to have been true, it probably was.

What has been your experience and how do you know what is real or not?

 Surfers beware! 😀





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