Reinventing oneself on line was similar to spring cleaning

Re-inventing  oneself on line was similar to having done  spring cleaning.

Look and reinventing oneself as spring clealing

Well one had to do that if they wanted to succeed in on line advertising or marketing. Whatever didn’t work was removed. It was like cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator, the freezer and all other closets for things expired or no longer needed. My cousin told me that nothing spread faster than something that didn’t work on the internet.

There was a hard lesson learned a few years ago when one of the sites my home page was circulated on violated the “no overlapping web site banners”  rule. Consequently, my URL and account was suspended. When redoing my home page web site, this issue was addressed before posting it to this site and one of the other traffic exchange sites in which this site was circulated.

when one is reinventing oneself you need to make changes

In my case reinventing oneself meant that there was a need to redo some of the web pages being circulated. Some of those links on my main site and home page needed updating or removal. Once that was completed, the problem of locating my referral or affiliate links were next. There were so many of them that a spash page was needed. At least this was created on the same site my main site was so there wan’t any reason having had to remember a different url,  log in ID, or password. Another hard lesson learned from my past was when there was a web page with banners on it. The rule was members had to log in once every sixty days or they risked loosing their web page. For me, the last time was the longest to have forgotten the log in information with my banner site.

Four of my referral sites belonged to one person. While this offered great bonuses, my being a free member of all of these places had limits on all of them. Two of the sites had a limit of five urls allowed. One only allowed one site at a time to circulate, and the other did not allow oother traffic exchange sites on their site. It did allow my other sites via referral number or RID.

Why was there a push by me to have had all this done? The idea came to me one weekend afternoon and kept me awake the night before church. My track record with getting help from state-run agencies was not all that great. The three month deadline they quoted over the phone almost three months ago was tomorrow.  Even with my final interview, which  had not taken place, there was no guarantee a position would’ve been offered even after it ended. The help from this state agency couldn’t continue until then  anyway.

 It was always wise in having a back up plan or a Plan B. To me the job from this state-run agency wasnt too promising, so it was my job not to have gotten caught unaware. Using what was already known and the lessons learned from my past mistakes kept me well grounded and looking foward to my future in on line advertising.  😀




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