Online Marketing Benefits For Network Marketers

Online Marketing Is Your Next Step Up!

Are you doing a traditional way of prospecting or are you taking advantage of what that internet can give you?

Most networking companies trained their independent associates about the benefits of their products, how to make a list of their cold and warm markets and how to make follow up to get sign up for their business.  I used to be part of this traditional way of prospecting and there’s no doubt that you can get result if you put hard work into it, but is this the kind of freedom that you are looking for?
Calling all your relatives, friends, friends of your friends just to introduce your product and business opportunity?
Are you tired of getting sign ups and  in the end you will see them fading away from you?
Are you tired of seeing yourself doing the same routine again and again and not seeing retirement in the near future?


Online Marketing has become a way for network marketers to attract interested prospects to them – becoming the hunted and not the hunter and have the true opportunity to reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.  You can get a flood of traffic I mean your targeted prospects and future customer using the power of the internet.
Online Marketing Benefits For Network Marketers
You don’t ever have to talk on the phone to arrange meet ups and begging people to join your network marketing business.  Online marketing can help you interact and develop relationships in building your networking business from the comfort of your home.  The old traditional way of prospecting  has all changed!
The Internet and social media’s has become the perfect platform for network marketers to exchange ideas and information freely and in a way that relationships can thrive.  It has become a way for network marketers to attract interested prospects to them instead of looking for them, while monetizing their business like another businesses online.
If you’re serious about succeeding in any form of  business, network marketing, online marketing,  affiliate marketing or anything else, you should be learning this so called “Attraction Marketing“. David Van Arrick reveal the true heart and soul of the true magic of the law of attraction.  Most people don’t know where the “Law of Attraction” Actually Comes From.  Your Dominant thoughts are not the ones you think they are. They are the ideas, thoughts and feelings you have most often…Unconsciously!


Internet or online Network Marketing is a strategy used by distributors to build a network marketing organization using the power of the internet.
These strategies primarily center around how to prospect distributors for your network marketing business online.

First, Figuring out what you need – your OWN website/blog is a must!

You need to have your own online hub (website or blog site) and use the internet as a communications tool to communicate with your targeted prospects online about your network marketing business.

Online Marketing Benefits For Network Marketers

How does this work?
If let say, if someone is looking or searching for something related to what you offer when they type the keyword or phrases in search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing – your own branding will come out and not your MLM or Networking company.
For example:  If you are in lose weight industry and someone type “how to lose weight” in google search engine your valuable tips or any informations related to lose weight should come out in the first page of google.  Remember, when someone type this keyword they are already your target prospect or future customers since they are the one looking on how to lose weight.  Is this make sense?
Let’s say you meet a prospect at your children’s sports day or church.
You exchange business cards.
You then indicate your own web site using your own branding like your own name or internet marketer as your designated position,  people  will get curious on what you do and if you have a website or blog, they will be more interested to know more about you, what you do or what you offer.
If you want to learn on how to set up your website or blog site, here’s some of my blog post related to this topic that you can use for your references:
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How to Set Up Your Blog For The First Time & Work From Home

Second is building your own list  – Money is in the list!

With this strategy, you use the internet as a prospecting, pre-qualification and revenue generating tool to generate prospects for your network marketing business.
Online Marketing Benefits For Network Marketers

How does this work?
Once your website readers or visitors are happy from the valuable tips that you give them on how to lose weight (based from our given  example above), they will be willing to give you their contact details to receive any newsletter or subscriptions from you.  This is where you can capture your target interested prospects contact details through what you called optin page or squeeze page.
Lead generation is a marketing process of capturing the contact details of your target prospects for the purpose of developing your sales pipeline or funnel.  This is where people voluntarily submit their contact informations like email address, full name and telephone number in order for them to receive more informations related to what they are looking for.
There are several lead generation services available in the market like  aweber, get response, mail chimp or pure leverage.  I personally use and recommend Pure Leverage for lead generation service because of its reasonable cost and value that can give me. 

Third, Automated follow up email

Now, once your target prospect submitted their email address to you,  you are now ready to automate your follow up email to them.   You can now start emailing that person on a regular basis either in auto-responder series of through broadcast video (pure leverage provide this as well with no extra cost).  You can set up a pre-written email ahead of time that will get mailed automatically to all your mailing lists. You can pre-set your email that go for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or even 2 years or 10 years!
This is the best way to automate your business. You can set it ONCE and with any new person that optin to your page, they will get the appropriate email message that you set previous months or years ago.
I built some step by step guidelines on how to built your  ONLINE PLATFORM SIMPLY!  To save time, money and errors!  These are the exact steps that I made in building my online platform and get sign ups without using my mouth to sell!  I laid down a straight forward business model that you can apply for any bricks and mortar businesses or any network marketing businesses!

 <<< I Hope you enjoyed the above video and tips.  If so, please share this to others so they can as well benefit from this, and leave a comment below!

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