Niche Selection: How to find the best niche for you?

Profitable Niche Selection For Your Online Business

Maybe you are wondering  how this niche selection help you out in making money online.

How can I start to identify solutions and niches that are worth pursuing?

What problems do I see around me that need a better solution?

Niche selection is the basic starting point of starting a business online.  How many times have you heard an entrepreneur complain they have “too many opportunities!” or “which industry should I tackle”?

When it comes  to niche selection  there are certain questions that you need to run and ask yourself:

What skills, passion or talents knowledge  do you have?

  1. What kinds of things do people come to me to get help with?  What do people count on me for?
  2. What kind of entrepreneurial relationships and resources do I have?
  3. What kinds of things  I do for fun? What are the things that make me lose track of time when I do them?
  4. How am I spending the majority of my most productive hours?
  5. What kinds of experiences have I been through that taught me valuable lessons?

Having Trouble In Niche Selection?

You need to understand that people purchase products or services for three basic reasons:

  • To satisfy their basic needs.
  • To solve their problems.
  • To make themselves feel good.

You’ll need to determine which of those categories your product or service is the solution to, and be prepared to market it accordingly.


Niche Selection:  How to find the best niche for you?

Depending on the nature of your business, you might even be able to write a description of your customer and why they need your product or services.  A lot of companies believe they’re educating their consumers because they’re elaborating upon the features, advantages, and benefits of their products.  What’s relevant to the consumer, however, isn’t what the company values about its own product, but what the product can do to solve a problem for him or her.

Normally, consumer will opt to buy from the person that’s educated him on the issue and presented him with multiple solutions of his problem or challenges. That has built trust and loyalty in the future.

Your target prospects or customers will buy from you if…they think you’re an expert and a specialist, if they think your product or service is better compared with your competitor and if someone else tells them to, because they sense that in this certain area, you have more expertise than they do and you know much more than they do.

Setting the client at ease and by giving your target prospect a comfortable road forward  will get you the best answer of how they’ll make the decision why they should buy from you.


It is far easier and faster to make money online providing information to people on a topic you already know and love.  It’s always going to be more difficult to make money in a niche that you don’t know anything about it.    People who have the most success at making money online are the people that pursue niches that they have an interest or expertise in.

Niche Selection:  How to find the best niche for you?

Defining your niche market will help you define your client base and this is critical in the overall health of your business.  I don’t claim to be a guru in niche marketing, but I want to share with you what I’ve learned from others and my own experiences on how to find your niche market that will help you be profitable to make money online.

Take an inventory of your knowledge base:

1.  List every magazine you’ve ever subscribed to for any length of time.

2.  Same for newsletters and various publications that you consistently enjoyed reading.

3.  Every job or industry you worked in long enough to become really familiar even if you’ve been out of it for a long time.

4.  Every “group” that you’ve been a member of. Examples could be – golf, dress making class, home based business moms, cancer survivors support group, bowling league, pottery making class, fan club, cooking class, stamp or coin collecting, owning rental property, stock investing, chess club, etc.

Look at everything you’ve written down in answering the above. You more than likely now have a ton of different topics that you could become an authority on and most of those can likely make you a lot of money online.

Niche market selection is a process, but it can be learned with enough time and practice.

Going with niches wherein you have some sort of expertise or experience, this can help you a lot, especially when you’re creating articles and writing content.

Now, select your favorite 3 “potential super niches” that you’ve written down and answer these questions underneath:

Is there a dummies book? YES/NO

  1. Are there google ads on the topic?  YES/NO
  2. Are there at least 5 clickbank products about your topic?
  3. Are there multiple amazon books on the topic?
  4. When you visit is the audience reach at at least 100,000?
  5. If you run a search on the topic on facebook fan pages, does the audience seem passionate?
  6. Are there forum(s) on the topic?

We are at a point now with online business where you can be successful and make a decent living by specializing in a certain niche that you know and love.  You don’t need to own the entire market. You just have to own a specific piece of it, and own that space.


1.  Create an article or blog post by selecting the topic related to your keyword

You can conduct google keyword research until your eyes bleed, but the truth is that until you have something valuable up and running online, until you start producing content for something, you’re not going to get anywhere to make descent money online.   It’s more beneficial to pick something that you could be slightly unsure of than to never taking action.

2.  Make something awesome and market it

Google will eventually figure out what deserves to be where in the search engines.  You must make something awesome period!  None of these little crap sites that don’t provide any value to anybody – those don’t work anymore.  If you want to sell something, you must first provide value and money will follow.

Bring it out to the world, own it, dominate the competition, blow people’s minds, go all out with your hidden skills and crush your competitors!

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