Generate leads using social Media

15 ways to generate leads using social media

While many people are on social media, sharing news, images and music,there are many people who are having a difficult time understanding marketing and how to generate leads  using social media.

For many marketers considering ways and means to generate leads using social media  can be a very frustrating and confounding issue because they have been taught that generating leads means collecting information from prospective contacts, using networking, advertising and email marketing campaigns to name just a few of the techniques that have been tried and proven methods to generate sales for years and years

Everywhere the marketer goes on social media he ( or she) is being told very bluntly to not sell, that the tradional ways of generating leads won’t work and now they have to use inbound marketing leads for business.

what is inbound marketing

What the heck is inbound marketing leads?

To understand how to generate inbound marketing leads, we need to understand the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing

If you consider that the traditional methods of buying ads, sales calls, email lists are considered “outbound” marketing then inbound marketing focuses on ways and means to bring people to you through content creation, going to people where they are, being relevant and helpful to your customers/pre-customers and basically creating a love in where the people you attract will be the right people who want your products.

So how do you generate leads using Social media?

When you consider the phrase caring is sharing or another way of saying it is building strong ties then here are some ways to create the love

1. Blogging. Blogging is your home front and all your inbound marketing needs to start from there. Creating interesting and informational blog posts is the single best way of reaching the right people and answer their questions

2. Follow prospects on Twitter. When you target your search to find people who are interested in your niche and share good information, then you can create a strong tie

3. Find and connect with new people on Facebook. You can use the Facebook search to find like minded people

4. Create and join in on Google hangouts. A great way to learn new things and talk to people “face to face”

5.Find a tweet that promotes your content and share it..share the love and say thanks

6. Make a compelling presentation on SlideShare

7. Become a good listener and monitor what is being said about your niche to help you discover opportunies

8.Link to your blog from Facebook

9. Create or join groups/communities on LinkedIn and Google Plus

10 Engage in discussions and share what you know

11. Create forms for visitors on your blog so they will be up to date with what you share

12 Participate in Twitter chats. When you join in on relevant twitter chats you gain visibility with the right people and is a great way to generate leads.

13 Upload videos and do podcasts to create a conversation with people

14. reach out to people where they are engaging and join in

15 Learn how to post status updates when people will listen and talk to you

These are just a few ways to generate leads using social media and I know there are a lot more.  

I feel that the most important point marketers need to learn is it is not up to the prospects to remember them, it is up the marketer to find creative ways to follow up so that they will be remembered.

There is no doubt working within social media can be very time consuming, but when done right and for the right reasons, then using social media to generate leads can be very effective.

How do you generate leads using social media, lets start a conversation and help each other out.




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