Facebook Mobile & Facebook Advertising for the Business Builder

Facebook Mobile & Facebook Advertising for the Business Builder

Have you seen these stats yet….488 million people using Facebook mobile every month, 300 million photos uploaded every day, close to 1 billion Facebook members now, Facebook mobile users are twice as active as Facebook PC users.

It happened fast… the Facebook mobile revolution. We carry our friends around in our pockets everywhere we go. We check in every chance we can…at coffee breaks, standing in Facebook Mobile ImageFacebook Mobile Imagelines at grocery stores, in waiting rooms, and even at red lights. Never leaving our homes without our phones, it has become a part of our lives to the point of panic without them. We don’t forget them wherever we go…they are as essential to us as our car keys. The fact that the Facebook mobile app is buggy and much to be desired, it doesn’t faze our commitment to checking into our newsfeeds on a regular basis.

Despite the app and it’s shortcomings, there are techniques that will ensure greater exposure and better interaction. Best practices to include when posting: shorter is better, include photos, ask questions, add some humor, be entertaining, include calls to action…and for those who do “nothing but” post their business links, and how great their business is, and how great they are for having their business, and how everyone should be like you… just stop, no one cares. Moderation is key..it’s okay to let your friends know what you do, but it’s a turnoff  if that’s all you talk about

For those businesses who are, or who wish to, create awareness of products, goods, and services…1/2 billion people using Facebook mobile every month can be a literal gold mine. It is exceptional as well for those who want to reach people locally. Facebook apps default to the newsfeed…that’s where everyone goes when they check in. Think about the periodical post stating, “hey if you are in your car right now stop in soon for our daily special”. Vision also the employee at the counter that encourages patrons to “check in” often for more specials, or giving coupons for “checking in”. There are so many possibilities.

Changes to Facebook advertising

I’m sure some of you are fully aware of the changes happening now. Others are just starting to hear. The transition of “pay to play” is something that has been coming for years now.Facebook-mobile-Image Facebook Advertising ImageSince the advent of “Edge Rank”..the Facebook algorithm that all content passes through. It’s become increasingly more difficult to get into news feed, and it’s become increasingly more difficult to reach your business page fans. Do you track your reach and your “talking about this” stats? If you do then you know. It’s especially frustrating for those who have invested a lot into paid advertising to get the fans, that Facebook is now telling us will cost yet more money to reach. The fact is they’ve gone public, and are now accountable to shareholders. And don’t think this is going to be a Facebook only thing. We suspect the social media free advertising age is pretty much a thing of the past.

Facebook says you can reach up to 16% of your fans, and if want more you can utilize the paid ads, sponsored stories, promote your posts, and the reach generator. They have many over a barrel because quite frankly it’s still the best converting most useful business resource for a lot of us. Myself included. Facebook has been a tremendous asset to my business and personal promotions and will continue to be. There are creative ways around some of this…might not get us back to where we were but we can ease the pain somewhat, and we will continue to study and pick up all or any of the “work arounds” and share them with you here at brettgurney.com. We suggest you start doing the same thing. Learn Facebook for Business, allocate a budget, do some split testing, and find out what’s going to work well for you.

Frustrating yes because we are used to the old, but it is what it is, and there are some good points as well. I personally like the idea of them weeding out stuff that I’m not interested orFacebook Marketing Image Facebook Marketing Imagenot keen on seeing, and allowing the relevent content to get through to me. The algorithm sees that everyone’s newsfeed is unique and different. I suspect it will also cut down on some of the spamming and repetitious overload that’s going on. Not to say junk, as one person’s junk is another person’s treasures, but on my newsfeed the filtering is welcome. Having to pay to reach those fans whom I’ve already paid to acquire, is another matter. For now I’ll continue to play and see where she goes.

Signing off but first I want to acknowledge some of the inspiration for this post today. Michael Stelzner from SocialMediaExaminer, and Mari Smith from Mari Smith.com , both renowned experts in social media marketing, and Mari specializing in Facebook. You can go here to see the full article and hear the podcast.

by Brett Gurney


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