Facebook Insights – Tracking Your Posts Will Increase Your Conversions

Facebook Insights – Tracking Your Posts Will Increase Your Conversions

Is your Facebook marketing working?

Do you know how to track your campaigns?

In this post we are going to show you how to use your Facebook Insights to track and gauge your activities for optimal conversions.

We spend a great deal of time coming up with good content for our pages…material that we hope will draw others to engage and participate. But are we using the available tools that take the guess work out of the equation? As marketers, we’re on a mission to track and measure our efforts and our success.. our marketing is only as good as our analytics. Our time is leveraged by educated analysis , and out efforts are rewarded by results and conversions.

Facebook Insights has provided us with tools for defining our strategies. The following guide will help you focus on what matters.

Timing Your Posts

Start by going to your Facebook page and clicking on See Insights in the navigation bar at the top of the admin panel.

see insights






This takes you to the Overview page. Click on the Posts option in the Insights navigation bar. This will open up the When Your Fans Are Online insights.

Facebook Insights JPEG








This information is updated weekly and is great to use for setting your publishing schedules. Post within 30 minutes of your users’ peak activity times.

The next step is something a lot of people miss. Look at the vertical bars over each day of the week.

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Check for different habits or patterns. One day of the week might be better than the others etc.

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Now that you’ve got the timing down, let’s move on to your post formats.

Tracking Format Preferences

Recently there’s been a shift towards more visual content. The old link posts are being overlooked for the more engaging image and video posts. Facebook recognizes this and is prioritizing newsfeed time towards those more engaging posts. It’s extremely important to base your strategy on what your fans prefer.

In the Posts section of your Insights dashboard, next to When Your Fans Are Online, click on Post Types.

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You will see a bar graph that shows you the average engagement for the different post types you’ve published on your page. You can lean towards the most popular posts in your continued marketing efforts, but you still want to mix and give variety. The analytics Insight’s provides is just a guide. Try different things and learn what works best for you. If you click on the Reach box as shown in the image below it will rearrange the posts showing the most popular and ascending from there. This will be a huge help for you.that’s another one a lot of people miss.

Facebook Insights JPEG










Play around with this and sort your posts to reveal any other patterns worth taking notice of. Here are 3 tips of what to look for:

Post content. Is there a visual or theme that has consistently performed well over time?
Post copy. Are there sentence structures that consistently outperform others? Copy length, personality nuances and literary devices can be a factor.
Visual themes. Is there something consistent in the imagery you’ve been using? Bright colors, 3D styling or photography might outperform illustration.

Use the information you gather from the Posts tab to serve up the content your fans want when they’re most likely to see it.

We hope these Facebook Insights tips will help you refine your Facebook strategy.

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