How to deal with the naysayers in business

How do you answer the naysayers in business that will create a positive reaction?

naysayers in business can be a challenge to deal with

Everyone who has gone into business has understood that the winning formula to being successful means reinforcing the benefits and strengths of the business, but being honest and looking at the challenges and being able to answer the naysayers of your business and trust me this is going to happen.

With the fact that searching for information is so easy and the fact that in our rush for information we do not always take the time to check into facts and ask for clarity when it comes to hearing of problems, negative comments or reviews can cause problems, it can destroy reputations, affect your career and cause the loss of business.
Many companies and marketers have a variety of ways of dealing with negative reviews, negative comments and the naysayers that plague every business from

Ignoring the negativity under the assumption that if you don’t say anything then those people will go away ( oh lets hide our head in the sand la la la)

Deleting the negativity under the assumption that if is no one sees it, it didn’t happen ( it did!)

Reactive comments simply because you are pissed off at what a person said because in your opinion what they said was unfair or wrong. ( hint when you are ranting off to the naysayer you and the person will not be the only one to see the exchange)

Hollow apologies. Remember people don’t want to be appeased, they want explanations and answers.

There is no doubt that as a marketer or a business owner  getting negative reviews can make a person feel sick or worse, feeling like you have been kicked in gut!

Before delving more into the issues of dealing with the naysayers of your business, I would like you to watch this YouTube video by Marie Forleo because she not only give some great tips, but she’s also entertaining.

You will note that in the video Marie said a few things that make perfect sense one of them being not being defensive. Take the comment or review that a person has made and turn it into a positive by recognizing that people are offering a problem and you now have a way to step up to the plate and not only create a good solution, but you will also be seen with credibility and a person to come to when there is a problem.

Some other tips to answer the naysayers of your business 

Be accurate. There are many products or services where people honestly hear so many things that they don’t know what to believe. I have noticed that when it comes to anything to do with natural health products as an example, you will have those people who will talk about “proof” that ingredients work as they say. Why not answer these people openly and honestly. Do your own research and find out why people are saying things and then answer those people.

Be realistic. The sad reality is that there are always going to be those people who will go out of their way to say something negative ( maybe their bored or having a bad day). Don’t assume that all complaints are genuine, make a point of considering what they are saying and their motivation in saying it. As there are always two sides to every story, err on the side of wanting to help rather than trying to please a person and make a point of keeping updates flowing so that other people will know what is going on.

Add value. I was reading a negative review the other day about a health product where the person kept talking about an ingredient in that product that was causing them a problem. When I first read it I went “oh no” and nearly fell into the trap of believing it. I went out of my way ( because I am a smart consumer) and checked the facts and was able to come up with a more balanced conclusion. If the company (in question) had done this for me at the start by sharing and educating me about the product in a better way, I would have saved myself a lot of time having to find out about things on my own. Pay attention to the negative reviews and offer value by sharing good information to answer issues. When you do this, you are showing that you care and doing everything you can to help a person.

Be Human. When answering a person remember to talk to the person as though they were in your home. Many times when talking to people especially online we forget this one little fact. As The Cluetrain Manifesto pointed out,  “conversations among human beings sound human’, and are ‘conducted in a human voice’ that is ‘typically open, natural and uncontrived”. Use a persons name, be personal when answering a person and understanding that  you are your own customer service, do all you can to be professional and objective when answering a problem.

“Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” ~ Napoleon Hill [tweet this quote]

While some people may say that there is no second chance to making a first expression, I will say that when it comes to the naysayers in business, there is always a chance to correct an impression and when done properly you can turn a no into a yes!

How are you dealing with the naysayers in your business?

Lets talk!


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