How to create multiple streams of income online

Don’t Wait To Create Your Multiple Streams Of Income

Have you ever wondered to create a multiple streams of income?
Having more than one stream of income not only increases your profit faster, it also increases your security.
Why don’t you look at your daily or monthly expenses, you spend $5 or $20 a day and when you accumulate all these expenses in a month you are shredding $600 per month.  Why don’t you turn this thing on the other way around?  Get $5 to $20 a day so you can end up keeping $600/month?
What is this extra $600/month can do for you?
Can this help  you in paying your monthly utility bills? or Paying your Car or House mortgage?
How about keeping this extra money for your children’s education?
Why  Multiple Streams Of Income Is Essential To Anyone?
One beautiful Sunday morning in Vietnam when my husband and I analyzed the principles which riches may be accumulated in time with the power of your thoughts and a fire burning desire.  Your thoughts and purpose will be smoothly coordinated, and your energy be concentrated and applied which transcends everything.  In 2004, we begun to prepare for our retirement planning.  We drafted a post dated check with a specific amount that we want to attain and with specific date that we wanted to cash this check.  We framed this check and hanged it somewhere that we can see it everyday.

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Online

Most of us are dealing on the regular basis from the convenient of our monthly salary income, company’s perks and annual bonuses without looking into the future consequences of what’s lies behind if you work tons of hours and not seeing to slow down as you get older.
The most important thing that you need is build a multiple streams of income while you are still “able” to do this.   A job is only temporary.  When you get older have you ever dream to enjoy your life to the fullest or still worrying about your financial situations?
You  never know what might happen to your job because companies nowadays are becoming wiser and wiser on how they can maximize their productivity, outsourcing people, production facilities and you are competing for jobs with the entire world.

What should you be doing?  I guess the simple answer to this is to prepare for your future!
Secure Your Future Financially By Building Your Multiple Streams Of Income
People who do not succeed financially have one common trait.  They do not escape from different alibis like “IF only I had time”, “IF only I had enough money” or “IF only I were younger”.  A Positive mindset is the result of self discipline and habit.  You either control your mind or your mind will control you on what you become.
We are now communicating and living on the Internet.  Internet is open 24/7 every single day and millions and millions of people are using this as part of their daily routine.  There are several ways that you can create multiple streams of income online and the investment is low.

Here are 3 Multiple Streams Of Income You Can Create:

1.  Sell an affiliate product from your blog
My first taste of consistent money deposited to my account was from an affiliate marketing product came from my blog. The amount is $24.95 check!  And that was after couple of days after posting a valuable article that  I had spent two-three hours during those initial days of blogging.
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Online

At the time, I had an audience of 622 readers and 60.9% of new visitors and 39.1% returning visitors to my website.   I was using Google Analytics to monitor my website visitors.  I was told about 2% is a reasonable conversion rate from people who know these things, so I assumed that would mean I would get at least 12 sales based on 622 readers.

So, if you will do a simple math here….if I can get 12 sales of an affiliate product that pays me $24.95 per sale, then all I need to do is write a great blog article to make $299.40 bucks! And if you do this with massive passion few times a week – you can create an additional income per month, rather than put in a half-hearted effort.
Of course I wanted to be sincere and recommend something I knew was good and used myself and from someone I respected and wasn’t too expensive and a product that is sticky that can provide me an auto pilot income month after month.    I wrote my blog post, talked about my review about the product on how good the product was.

2.  Write an e-book 
Do you have knowledge, skill, information or experience in a particular area that you could share with others? Then write an e-book and sell it.
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Online
If you write quality content in your website or blog there is a big case to be made about the quality of visitor you attract and the type of marketing you use to promote your products,  it was all about the numbers. If 500 people can bring you $50 in sales, then 5,000 people should bring in $500 in sales.

3.  Make sales from your Mailing list sales funnel
The most important thing that you need to install in your website or blog is your optin page or squeeze page to capture your readers or future customers contact details.   Once you build up your subscribers, you can make a series of emails and start emailing that person on a regular basis either in auto responder series or through broadcast video.  You can set up a pre-written email ahead of time that will mailed automatically to all your mailing lists.
This is the best way to automate your business.  You can set it once and with any new person that optin to your page, they will get the appropriate email message that you set previous months or years ago.
You can send email with your affiliate link on it and if someone click and buy, you make money!
In my case I blog about Internet business and as a result I can focus on the tools needed to make money online. I happen to buy many tools myself, so there is a natural concurrency between what I personally use, what I review on my blog and thus, how I make money from affiliate sales.

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