Top Search engines that mean something

For the love of Search engines! Lets talk about the top and most useful search engines.

I remember some years ago, when I first came online and tried my hand at marketing, I was told to blast ads to search engines!
Of course at that time I had no clue what a search engine was and I really had not clue where all these ads were going.
I found out some time later that one ad landed on a scientists search engine and they found my marketing ad, decided to dissect it to see what it was made of…not a pretty sight! My point being that the ad in question had nothing to do with what that search engine was looking form!
The fact is search engines are designed to search for information and then after they sort it out by popularity etc. these systems put out the most relevant information on a web page for you to see it.
I won’t even try to explain how they do this, it would quite frankly give me a headache.
Search engines are fantastic for what they were designed for..helping you to find something online, whether it be to find a good restaurant close to your home, help you find that car you are looking for or to search out and get answers to any kind of question you might be asking.
Of course when we think of search engines, we tend to think of Google, Bing or Yahoo as the big three search engines, but there are others that are very useful for following discussions about your business, help monitor your online brand and reputation and so much more.
Search engines can be general ( think Google) but there are other general engines for searching and then there are the search engines that are very specific for social networking or blogging.
General search engines

top search engine Duck Duck Go

I have to say I love saying “Duck Duck Go” just because it sounds so cool when you say it fast! Many people have talked about this particular search enginve because of how it prides itself for not tracking or personalizing your searches and results. The also offer a handy visual guide on filter bubbling and Google tracking. Now try saying Duck Duck Go fast..isn’t it fun?

WolframAlpha is a top search engine

Remember when I talked about the search engine my ad landed so many years ago? It might have been a cousin of WolframAlpha! This is a very targeted search engine that is into metrics stock date and if you are a sports enthusiast – sport statistics
Remember when I talked about the search engine my ad landed so many years ago? It might have been a cousin of WolframAlpha! This is a very targeted search engine that is into metrics stock date and if you are a sports enthusiast – sport statistics. Definitely a different kind of search engine.
Dogpile is a useful top search engine

I love how they come up with names lol Dogpile is one of the top search engines that happen to show results from the top three search engines without you having to go to them individually.
Top social networking search engines

top search engine for social search Topsy


Topsy is a search engine that allows you to see the latest tweets in your search. It also allows you to Google+ results.

Topsy is a social search engine

Social Mention

What can I say about this one search engine that will convey to you the awesomeness of this site? How about it allows you to search across multiple types of networks like images,news,comments,blog and more. I would say book mark this site. Yes I am a believer lol

Addictomatice search engine  to bookmark


Another powerhouse search engine. Addictomatic creates a topic page for searches using Bing,Google blog search,Twitter,Wordpress etc. Its one of those sites where bookmarking the page on your browser is a very good idea.

These are just a few of the top search engines that you can use to help solve that problem, but don’t try to blast an ad to them…they might blast you right back.
All kidding aside, it is important to understand what search engines can do

 They can provide information
 They can search more specifically
 They can provide real time search information

Search engines cant..
 Guarantee the results you see are  reliable ( people are still people and will at times say and do things to get their info seen )

Most of all a search engines cant help you avoid the work of how you interpret something!

What is your favorite search engine and how do you use them?

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