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The skinny on was launched to the public in 2011 as a tool ( publish-by- curation-platform) that allows anyone to create and distribute curated content in a magazine style format – in effect you become your own online publisher. The founder and CEO of is Guillaume Decugis and here is his short YouTube video explaining why he built this curation platform.

During the beta phase, was a free platform but that changed recently where you now have four options to upgrade to the different plans according to what you need. ( I am using the free version at this time and find it good enough for now, but would like to upgrade at some point in the future)

different plans for

To use you can use their web browser bookmarklet  to collect news, articles. You can also create custom scoops from the different social neworks and to show you an example of a custom scoop, I created this scoop to show you a tweet that I collected as you can see here -> post

Now lets go into the usage of and how to really make it work for you! is not just another ..lets collect a bunch of links and hope people will notice you and its not always about YOU! It truly is about curating related articles that you find and adding value to what has already been said via that article. Even when you are scooping your own blog post, put yourself as a reader and offer an insight to why you are scooping this post to add value to that post you are sharing.
I read an awesome explanation about being a good curator ( and I wish I could remember who said it!)

“As a curator, the ultimate compliment to give is to properly share and cite all of the content you’ve created, add your insight while giving due credit to the creator and presenting their content in a meaningful way.”

To start using you need to think about what your theme is going to be about and you need to give it some thought. Even on the free account you have a lot of room to work with as you can see by the theme I have created its all about what people on Adlandpro will be interested in ( and hopefully others lol). You can add a header and make your as unique as you are.

As you are wanting to become an authority on your topic keep in mind these pointers:

1. While the posts you curate ( even yours) come with images and I hope you are understanding the value of images lol, sometimes you can add more value by adding your own image to the post especially posts who are sadly lacking in an image.

2. When you think about the post that you are curating, think about why you want to share it? On the description part of anything you are sharing you can change the description and you can choose the wording you want people to see

3. Do not ever copy the whole post..did I mention ever? Not only is that boring, but it is stealing a persons hard work and never to be done

4. Going back to number 2.. why you are creating/curating a post add a good insight to what this post means to you. Some of the best Scoops I have seen offer something of value where I want to read the whole post. Sometimes I have also read scoops where people dont agree with the original content and that will get me curious to want to know more.

5 remember your keywords and add them to your post so that people withing the Scoop community can find you

6. After you have created a Scoop, then you need to share it! Even though under the free version you can only share with two social networks, You can use tools such as Hootsuite to share a post to your networks. I have my hooked up to LinkedIn as well as buffer, which is a good way for me to get my scoopsto other networks. is a valuable tool and as it is also a community, you can find people to follow and the more value you add, they will follow you!

One last point to is that if you are stuck on what to curate, there is the nifty feature of scoop suggestions from other people that will give you many ideas on what to scoop.

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas on, what it is and how it can be used, now my question to you could you see this tool being used for what you are doing?



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