Routines of Successful People Attraction To Richness

How Successful People Think


The major formula to success starts in your own mind. Developing your state of mind can absolutely lead to better life, relationship, health, career and wealth.  This does not mean  that you can get anything you want in life without handwork, determination and believe in yourself. If you want to make sure that you are able to attract the success that you want, you have to start learning how to become a more positive thinking person. The law of attraction really does work, if you are willing to believe in it.

The world’s most successful people have one thing in common they think differently from everyone else.  They think, act and communicate from the inside out.  Thinking is a discipline.  If you want to be better at it, you’ve got to work and practice to be a positive thinker and spend much of your energy to the most important activities. Figure out where you need to focus your energy every single day.

Successful People Expose Themselves To Different Ideas & People

Successful people are spending most of their time with people who challenge them. They love to discuss and brainstorm with other smart people in order to come up with a collective good ideas and opportunities.  If you think with others you have a better chance of good results.   It’s like giving yourself a shortcut. That’s why brainstorming sessions are so effective and powerful.
Routines of successful people attraction to richness
If you do not have a specific ideas of where you are and what you want to accomplish in the future will get you no where.  You can’t always think that you’re always right.  You should open your mind to other concept, ideas, strategies then analyze and focus only to those that you need.  Smart andsuccessful people don’t see limitations. They always see possibilities and opportunities around them.


It is always interesting to find and see what works for others how these daily routines can make a huge difference to live the life that you deserve perhaps they’ll be useful to you as well.
Jack Dorsey, CEO Square & Founder of Twitter
To get everything done, Jack puts in an 8-hour day at each company, every day. Of course, in a recent interview Jack said that he only did this routine for a limited time and today he is more fully focused on Square.
Routines of successful people attraction to richness
Back then, when he wrote the post however, it meant that he’s doing 16-hour workdays, Monday-Friday. Whether that’s the kind of workday you’re aiming for or not, you’d have to admit it’s impressive that he can fit it in!
“The only way to do this is to be very disciplined and very practiced”
Jack’s trick in staying productive while putting in such long hours is to theme his days. Each weekday is dedicated to a particular area of the business at both companies. Here’s what his themed week looks like:

Monday: Management and running the company
Tuesday: Product
Wednesday: Marketing and communications, growth
Thursday: Developers and partnerships
Friday: Company culture and recruiting
Winston Churchill, Prime Minister
He would wake up around 7:30 am every day and spend most of his morning in bed. Here, he had breakfast, read his mail, caught up on all of the national newspapers and dictated to his secretaries.
routines of successful people attraction to richness
Around 11am he got out of bed, washed and took a walk in the garden.
Lunch went from 1–3:30 pm most days, and was usually a full three-course meal with his family and guests. After lunch he would often work again until around 5pm.
Churchill took a long one nap at around 5pm every day—usually for an hour and a half.
At 8pm he would have dinner—dining again with family and guests. Usually he returned to his study for another hour or so of work after dinner.
What about simple things we can do?  
 Start with making a daily routine. Create an outline for how your day should look like for tomorrow and stick with it. Nearly all of the most successful people stick and follow their daily routine.  Do it now! Then it’s off your mind, and you can fully focus on the next matter to increase and attract richness to your life!
Everyone has special talents and qualities – everyone is unique! But, if you have a model who have already succeeded then, this is already your business clues to success.  Unleash your skills or creativity –  it’s your job to learn how to identify them and start building your own identity or branding online and if you want to shortcut your journey to success you need to work with the right coaches or follow at least 3  leaders.
 I personally use an attraction marketing system that has a great positive community culture of successful leaders that I can learn from, help each other and emulate their marketing strategies in order to grow my own home business.
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Routines of successful people attraction to richness
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