Romancing your Client will help create sales

 The art of “romancing your client” as a way to stay in touch and make more sales.

romancing your clients means more sales

Developing the Art and understanding how to create a personal relationship with your clients is such a vital and cost effective method of retaining your clients for life. Let’s all agree on one very important cost factor here. How much did it cost us, to obtain this client? How easy is it, to lose this client? Now that we have established a dollar value on our client, each client came to us from some form of advertising. Each time we advertise there is a cost involved, knowing the value of each client is understand the term we use in getting a bang for our advertising dollar.

Believe it or not, your clients are not just looking for the “cheapest price” when they’re deciding to buy (regardless of what they say).

There are many deciding factors to be taken into consideration, such as “how well do they like you”. Here is an example. If you were competing for business at your best friends place of business and a complete stranger were competing against you, who do you think would win?

Unless you where running a very second rated business and your best friend knew it, you would more then likely win. Here is Why this would this would happen! You have a personal relationship with him. He already knows who you are, what your all about and to a certain degree has confidence in you.

Now let’s take the next step. If you could show or provide ways of making your client, your best friend. You would create a competitive edge over your competition and more then likely win his trust, resulting in a sale. When your client knows you and what you have to offer, it becomes a personal transaction among two people who know each other. This is why it is so important to establishing a bond with your clients, as l covered in my topic regarding my NEWSLETTER Your clients already feel at easy, because they have knowledge on your company and what you can provide and do for them base on your past track record.

One very simple step to establishing a personal relationship or as l like to call it, romancing your client. How do you romance your client is by sending each and every client a personal letter or a simple thank you note. Personal letters create an immediate personal relationship with someone. A personal letter allows you to have a conversation with the reader (we all know it is one sided). This provides you with the perfect opportunity to update the reader with any new information you want them to have.

the excitement of soldiers getting mail

Think about this situation in some of them old war movies we have all watched. The part where all the soldiers are standing around the mail person as he hands out the mail. Each soldier stands up excitedly waiting to see if he got a letter from home.

The moment he gets his letter, he tears it open, founds a comfortable spot and reads each and every word over and over again. People love getting personal letters. People just love reading about other peoples lives and what is going on with their lives. Think about the last time you got a personal letter, how did you actually feel? It has been a real long time has it not.

This is a very effective tool in keeping your clients romanced and building trust with one another. When was the last time you got a thank you letter for an item that you purchased from a company. You can’t recall, so is it not time for you to take this very simple step, and making it work to you. This very simple step will provide you with one of the most competitive advantages your company can buy over your competition.

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