The Power of Quotes

Taking the power of quotes to the next level

The power of quotes

When it comes to quotes never mind the power of quotes you are talking to a person who had been a bit ambivalent about the topic, feeling that quotes for the most part were a waste of time and worse feeling that people used quotes were being lazy and unable to form their own thoughts.

I’m a bit unsure as to the exact “when” my thinking changed about quotes in general  and how the power of quotes could add substance on so many levels …maybe it was when I started getting involved with Social media and no matter where I went, people were sharing quotes or maybe it was the people I started talking to who would share a quote ( whether funny or wise) or maybe it was when I started to notice that many big name companies/journalists/bloggers were using quotes as a way to create content and make a point to what they were saying and the people who read them -loved it!

The fact is – people love quotes and when used properly can be a great way to add context to what you are saying.

There are few ways that you can use quotes on a blog or even on social media

1. You can quote from a book that you have read or are reading to add context to what you are saying. I should add that when using this kind of quote ALWAYS be sure to attribute to author and name of the book.

2. You can quote from another blog post or article. (Once again, please be sure to give proper credit to author of that blog, with the name of the blog or article)  An added bonus to  using the power of quoting in this manner is that it’s a great linking strategy.. IF you are adding value to yourself and the other blog owner.

3 You can find a good quote from the many collections of quotes that you can find on the web. Here are few good collections for you to bookmark and keep close for when you are needing a quote



Quotation Café
(a free toolbar you can download for your daily dose of inspiration)


Of course there the social networks that will help you find great quotes from Twitter to the ever popular pinterest and if you are looking for a specific kind of a quote, then using Google search will help you.

That reminds me of the quote…
Ask Mikey he hates knows everything”

While we are all agreed that formatting and attributing a quote is important, I have had a fascination with those quotes that look like photographs that people pin on Pinterest/Tumblr or share on all the other social networks . How did these people take the power of a quote and make it so memorable? The answer is in the tools that they use!

After doing some searching I found some very nice web tools that you can use to create awesome quotes and all of them are free not to mention fun to use.

Findings  <~  Findings is now Instapaper

Findings is a free tool that shares words that you find from a web page. What I found useful about this tool is that it is a fast process, there is a commmunity of quoters and you can do everything from the Chrome extension that will clip highlighted text. It’s easy to share your quotes and you can save your “image” via an image link. The photos you save are words but there are 14 choises on how they will look, so not bad!
A handy tool for when you find quotes on books or other blogs.


As Chisel says on its site “Write thoughts on photos. Upload your own photo background or use our library of 3,947 images. Share to Chisel, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & more” This site also has its own community and the only downside ( if you can call it that) is that you need to sign up to use it.

I have been hearing a lot of good things about this service, but without trying it myself, it was hard to see what the fuss was about. To give you a quick overview, you can create images from a twitter profile, reminders,maps, upload your own images and pin to one of your boards on Pinterest.  I can understand why it is so popular as this one tool could be used for a variety of reasons from adding content to a blog post, to sharing events or news with your followers. A definite keeper!


I have used Recite many times and can say with authority that this is an easy site to use, its great for when you need to make a fast quote and you get an option of 42 pre-made templates (depending on the amount of text you use). I like that you can download to your computer easily and you have a wide variety ways to share to different networks.

I can sum up how I feel about this one tool in one word – WOW!  This one tool has everything you would ever need to create a stunning quote that you would want to share on any social network (including Google+).
If you don’t have a quote on hand, there is a huge list of quotes ready for you to go through. You can choose different editors from creating viral status updates or E-cards, Facebook covers and even create your own business card. Dare I mention that you can change the font, add a background and there are other editing tools as well….AND it’s free!

How are you using the Power of quotes

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